My First Vlog is UP!

Hi guys! Just a quick hello to let you know that my FIRST Vlog is UP!!

The whole process of filming and editing was truly a blast, and I really want to thank every single person who watched my Vlog and gave me feedback, you really made my week 🙂

So here you can find the Vlog below:

Hope you enjoy it!

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Lara xx



Products not Worth the Hype

20161105_090317 edit.jpg

I have to admit, YouTube made me buy many beauty products! If you’re a YouTube fan like me, you know the power of Vloggers and all their beauty favorites. In my case I bought many beauty products and after giving them a chance, I realized that I was truly disappointed and unimpressed.

Before I begin listing the products, I need to mention that the products listed below didn’t work for me, but they might work perfectly well for you. Each person reacts differently to products and what works for you might not work for me.

1- Origins Charcoal Mask 

20161105_090138 edit.jpg

This product has been a YouTube favorite for years and years. This summer, one of my blogger friends (Hi Aline) was in California so I asked her to get me this mask from Sephora. This mask is not terrible and I will probably still use it; but when you watch or read all the tremendously positive reviews on this product, you expect it to do much more, and in my case I wasn’t super impressed.

2- TRESemme Dry Shampoo 

20161105_090250 edit.png

To be completely honest, before diving into the world of YouTube I didn’t even know Dry Shampoo existed. The reason is we don’t easily find Dry Shampoos in supermarkets so it’s just a product that you can easily not hear or know of. I have greasy hair, so when I heard of Dry Shampoos I knew I had to buy one. After giving this product so many chances, I finally decided that they are just not made for my hair. Every time I use it, my hair gets super greasy, it’s really embarrassing haha!

3- First Aid Beauty – Hydra-Firm Sleeping Cream 

20161105_090102 - edit.jpg

This is also an other SUPER popular product/brand on YouTube. I don’t want to say I hate the brand because I’ve only used this product, but I can say that this sleeping cream did absolutely nothing to my skin, and for that reason I am not really impressed. I really do want to give their face masks a try, and once I do I will update you with my honest opinion. I also bought this product from Sephora California (Thanks Aline)

4- John Frieda Frizz Ease Touch-Up Cream 

20161105_090210 edit.jpg

John Frieda is also a beloved brand online so I decided to give this touch-up cream a chance since I suffer from frizzy hair. This is also a product that has done absolutely nothing to my hair, the only thing it does is make my hair smell nicer, but other than that it’s useless in terms of eliminating the frizz. I am currently using the touch-up cream from Ultra Doux, I am not IN LOVE, but I have to admit it’s reacting better with my frizzy hair.

Which products did you regret buying?

Lara xx

Lush “Love Lettuce” Mask Review


Hello everyone and happy Easter! Since today I am off from work, I thought of writing a beauty review of this mask that I have been using for the month of March.

I’ve always heard wonderful things about Lush Cosmetics, but to be honest I never bought any product from this natural/handmade brand.

After diving into the YouTube world, I started getting introduced to several products each day and Lush masks always make the best buy lists, so I had to try myself. The sales lady at Lush advised me to get the “Love Lettuce” mask based on my skin type and so I started using it every other day just like she recommended. Here you have my review


– It’s natural which is awesome since you avoid using any chemicals on your face

– My face feels softer than before

– It actually exfoliates the skin too, so I felt it was getting cleaner as well

– Before I used the mask my face used to become oily by the afternoon, but this mask eliminated this oily skin problem


– Actually the only bad thing about this product is that it has a very short shelf life. I have used this mask in the smallest size every other day, and it is still half full. I would hate to throw away half of my mask knowing that it’s a bit pricey. That is something to take into consideration if you are not willing to invest in a new face mask.




Have a great week everyone!

Lara xx

My Personal Beauty Mistakes


Hello everyone!! I am so excited to write this beauty post because I really think the best part of blogging is sharing your personal experience aka mistakes, so that you can learn from me! I have always been a girly girl growing up, but I never paid attention to simple, yet very important details in my beauty routine. I have recently gone through a MAASSIVEE YouTube obsession, I literally watch YouTube videos all the time now which opened my eyes to the Oh so many makeup and beauty mistakes that I have been doing for the past years. I have started correcting those mistakes since mid 2014, and I am hoping to learn even more this year!

Without further ado, here you have my beauty mistakes!

1) Primer

Before jumping into the YouTube world, I didn’t even hear of the word primer haha! It’s a very important product to use before applying your foundation and the rest of your makeup to create a less oily look.

2) Eye Cream

Yes, even if you are not 40 years old, eye creams are super important to keep your under eye area moisturized since it’s a very sensitive area. Apply few dots of eye cream before applying your concealer.

3) Having a Morning/Night Routine 

In the past I used to just wash my face with water in the morning without using a cleanser & toner, and at night I removed my makeup and that’s it. Then I realized I wasn’t taking enough care of my skin especially that I have a combination skin that’s acne prone. I am still in my trial phase in terms of products so I will definitely be blogging about my Morning/Night routines when it’s the right time.

4) Concealer

Now don’t freak out, I obviously have a concealer haha, but I never chose the right one. I used to go to the drugstore and just pick any concealer I see (based on the saleswoman’s advice) without trying it on. Then I started a habit of actually trying on concealers and I started going for lighter shades to achieve a more “awake” look. So my advice, always try your concealer before buying it.

5) Face Masks

Face masks were never a part of my life, but when my aunt (who’s a beauty addict) moved to UAE, she gave me a set of masks that she has since we have the same type of skin, and I started realizing their importance. I always read that you must have a facial twice a week, but I am still doing it only once a week i’ll update you on that haha!

Announcement: I wanted to share with you that I am seriously thinking of starting my own YouTube channel, and I already mentioned that in my 2015 Resolutions post. I am so excited to start with this new journey so I would love to know what you think? 

I hope you found today’s post helpful

What are your beauty mistakes?

image via We Heart It 

Lara xx