Bodrum Travel Diary & Tour Tips

I managed to sneak in a very last minute trip to Bodrum-Turkey beginning of this month, so I thought I would document this trip on the blog in case you were ever interested in visiting the beach-side city.

To start with, Bodrum is very easy to access if you live in Europe or the Middle East. In Lebanon for instance, we have daily flights during summer, and the flight duration is approximately 1hr30. The weather in September is very pleasant, hot during the day (30°C-35°C) and breezy during the night (mid 20°C).

What to do in Bodrum?

Visit The Main Marinas


Bodrum is famous for its marinas. If you happen to visit this city, I highly recommend Palmarina and Bodrum Marina.

Palmarina was definitely one of my favorite hangout spots. It is a large marina surrounded by high-end stores and restaurants. You can also find the famous Nusr-et there, but make sure you have a reservation ahead of time since it’s always packed. I had dinner at a place called Cookshop, and the burger I had was easily one of the best I’ve ever had!

If you’re based in Gumbet (where usually the majority of tourists stay in Bodrum), you can take the 10 min bus journey to Bodrum Marina for 3 Tukish Liras/person. If you want to visit Palmarina, you have to go by taxi since it’s approximately 30 mins away from Gumbet and buses don’t usually go there.


Bodrum marina is considered the “city center”. It is filled with traditional shops and kiosks that you expect to find in a market. It is very cozy and the prices are definitely cheaper than the shops at Palmarina.


Island Tour


You can’t visit Bodrum without experiencing the boat trip that takes you to different islands. Nothing beats the feeling of sailing in the middle of the sea surrounded by other boats and beautiful scenery. The trip takes about 6 hours, so you might want to keep that in mind while planning your itinerary.



Dalyan Tour


Many people visit Bodrum without experiencing Dalyan. It is definitely an exhausting trip, but it’s worth the long hours. This tour is longer than the boat trip, you start at about 6:30 AM and you arrive back to your hotel at about 6:30 PM, so it’s considered a full day trip. Dalyan tour consists of a mud bath, a boat trip, and finally a swim in the sea where lake water and sea water meet. I don’t recommend this trip if you have kids, but if you’re with family or a group of friends it’s fun.



Visit the Windmills


If you want a nice view of the city you can head to the windmills in Gumbet area. You can also see the Greek Kos island from this hill so it’s a nice spot for photos. If I go back to Bodrum I would definitely hike there during sunrise or sunset.




Here are a few things that I didn’t get the chance to try (since our stay was very short), but I would definitely like to try them during my next visit:

1- Visit the castle of St. Peter

2- Have lunch at Gümüşlük, a sea-side village 

3- Try the famous Turkish bath 

4- Drive to Pamukkale & Ephesus 

Hope you liked my mini travel diary and tour guide! Have you ever visited Bodrum?

Lara xx



My First Vlog is UP!

Hi guys! Just a quick hello to let you know that my FIRST Vlog is UP!!

The whole process of filming and editing was truly a blast, and I really want to thank every single person who watched my Vlog and gave me feedback, you really made my week 🙂

So here you can find the Vlog below:

Hope you enjoy it!

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Lara xx


Brand Closeup: RIWAYA-Stories Worn


RIWAYA-Stories Worn is the result of two passionate sisters Ginan and Salma (@sunsetdeamor). I’ve known for a long time that both of them are massive ring collectors; wherever they travel, they have to bring back home a ring or more. When I heard that Salma and Ginan are starting their own jewelry line I wasn’t surprised at all, I could see all their creativity and passion pouring into their own brand, a brand all about stories and memories that you collect from all around the world.

The first item that drew me quickly to the collection was the map ring, I mean how gorgeous is this piece!! I had to immediately make an order because I knew this was going to be a sell-out piece!



So far I am really impressed with the quality of the rings, both of them are pure silver and they match my set of everyday rings perfectly. The collection varies between silver and gold pieces, so you can choose your preference

Modern Nomad is the the name of this collection, and it pays tribute to the traveler in every one of us, living life without a fixed address, urging home to be everywhere. You could clearly sense the wanderlust feeling in this collection with all its statement pieces


Rest assured, you will definitely be reading more about this brand on the blog 🙂

Stay updated on RIWAYA’s latest news @storiesworn on Instagram

Lara xx

Cities I Would Like to Visit

I decided to dedicate my 3rd post in my #NovemberBloggingChallenge to one of my favorite topics, travel! Thankfully, I’ve been managing to plan at least 1 trip a year and so far I am blown away with all the cities that I’ve seen so far.

In today’s post I decided to list my top 5 places that I would like to visit in the near future. I still have many other cities that I would LOVE to visit, but I decided to list the ones that I can realistically visit in the next 2 years (I hope)

Thanks to Instagram and YouTube (in my case), it is now much easier to plan trips and find hidden gems around the world. The down-side of this whole online travel frenzy is that “hidden gems” are no longer hidden, but there’s no harm in wander-lusting every now and then 🙂

If you’ve been to any of the cities mentioned below, please leave your tips and suggestions down below. I would love to read all about your experiences and the best places to stay at and visit in each of the cities below. You can also email me 

1- Amsterdam, Netherlands


2- Marrakesh, Morocco


3- New York City, USA


 4- Lisbon, Portugal 


5- Cappadocia, Turkey 


Where would you like to travel next?

Lara xx

Managing a Work-Life Balance


Recently, a friend of mine told me that he’s not being able to manage a social life and a work life together. I thought that would be such an interesting topic to discuss since I’ve been recently managing 2 part time jobs so it’s good to share my experience.

I do think many people fall under the trap or working too hard that they forget about their friends, family, and beloved ones. For that reason, I’ve prepared a list of things to do to be able to manage your work and your social life balance.

1) Emails

Now that’s a tricky part. Many of us continue answering their emails even after they have left the office. I have made it a rule to myself that I will not answer any email unless it’s urgent and needs to be handled immediately. Otherwise, I do think it’s okay to postpone things to the next morning and just try to enjoy a peaceful night.

2) Work

This might be hard, especially for people like me who work in public relations and community management. Part of my job requires me to do some social media updates beyond the working hours, but doing some updates that would take a maximum of 10 mins is okay. However, you need to make sure that your free time is dedicated to your friends and family,so try to limit the work to the office only.

3) Family

I am not married and I do not have kids, but for me family time is sacred!  Sometimes I have to work late, so I try to always spend my evening with my parents in the living room and not lock myself in my bedroom. Sometimes this means I need to watch their TV shows but that’s okay, sometimes you need to be selfless haha. I also make sure to spend every Sunday with my family.

4) Friends & Lovers

That’s a very tricky part. Sometimes, my friends start throwing hints that I am always super busy and that they never see me like before. What I try to do is to have them join me at the events that I need to attend for work, or I schedule dates ahead of time so that I don’t make fake promises. If you have a partner, you also need to make an effort to see him/her after work for drinks or bites even if you are tired.

5) Weekends

Always try to plan your weekends ahead of time. It’s the perfect time for you to see all your beloved ones and spend a good time to energize for the working week ahead. Ever since I started 2 jobs, I always make it a rule to enjoy my weekend to the fullest and avoid being lazy and so far it’s working.

6) Travel

Summer is just around the corner and that’s a perfect excuse for you to plan your summer trip. If you don’t have the budget to travel, you can have a weekend getaway somewhere in your country as an affordable alternative. It’s so important to take a break at least once a year to relax and get inspired to achieve more productivity later in the future.

The reason why I wanted to write this post is because I know that sometimes things get out of our hands and  we become workaholics. You need to ask yourself one thing, do you really want to look back at your life and think that all you did was work?

I hope you liked today’s post, and let me know how you manage your time.

Lara xx

Blog Fun Facts

xt (1)

Hello everyone! I hope you all had a wonderful Easter vacation, as for me, I went on a fast trip with my family to Doha, Qatar and I will tell you all about it soon on the blog.

Today’s blog post is far away from fashion and lifestyle since I will be sharing some random fun facts about this blog to take you behind the scenes. I am guessing many bloggers can relate to this too, so here we go!

1) I started my blog on January 2013, it was actually December 31st right on NYE!

2) My blog was supposed to be named “Buns and Ribbons”, but I made a last minute change to “Lara Speaks Style”, and I am glad I made this change 😀

3) My blog started gaining recognition through the “Folllow Friday” or “Friday Follow” hashtag on Twitter. I still don’t know what #FF stands for haha!

4) The first person I ever met in this whole fashion industry world was Nour Toubia, designer behind Nicoletta Parodi bags.

5) The first event I ever got invited to was few days after my wisdom teeth surgery, so I went with a swollen creepy face haha!

6) I started my blog initially on Blogger

7) It took me approximately a year to start posting outfit photos on the blog. Back then, street style photos weren’t really a massive trend in Lebanon!

8) On the day I posted one of my all time favorite style posts on the blog,  the stats service decided to crash on WordPress! Just my luck lol!

9) My blog opened me to the world of international bloggers, and many of them inspire me on a daily basis.

10) My blog is the reason why I work in social media today

Have a great week!

Lara xx

Top 5: Ways to be Inspired


The word inspiration has become in the past few years a very important concept in my life. Inspiration is not only what bloggers seek, but what all businesses and individuals chase now a days.

I do believe that inspiration enhances your creativity and your quality of life in general, since it pushes you sometimes out of your comfort zone, and motivates you to chase your dreams and aspirations. Now please note the difference between inspiration and imitation, i do believe inspiration is when you feel that you are mentally driven to do something special and creative, it’s when you pour your soul into something. On the other hand, imitation is just a copy/paste process.

Yet, I do think that it’s a wide topic that deserves more depth and discussion (maybe in the future), but today I am giving you 5 ways to be inspired that are based on my personal experience.

1) Online

Nowadays blogs are becoming a major platform for inspiration, and I really hope you guys find any source of inspiration from my own blog! Other websites include Pinterest, YouTube, Tumblr, We Heart It, Instagram, and many many others. The images, quotes, and the words of other people all around the world can really be inspirational. I personally get mostly inspired online.

2) Books

Reading and being lost in the book you are reading can be a great source of inspiration. It might be in the characters, the setting, the era or the story itself! Not only does reading teach you  millions of things, it also opens your mind and soul to many sources of inspiration

3) Travel

I always make an effort to travel at least once a year, even if for 3 days! Travelling opens your eyes to so many new things and experiences, and it teaches you many things primarily about yourself!  The process of seeing a new place and new faces is a very good way to find inspiration and new ideas.

4) Meeting New People

If you feel you are seeing the same people over and over, try to stop that. Always talk to new people since you learn so much and discover so many things by meeting new people. Discussing new thoughts and ideas will bring fresh information and experiences to your life which is so important and enriching. It is not so complicated, talk to new people at the gym, work, class, or maybe your friend’s friends!

5) New Activities

I always write on this blog about the importance of doing new activities and going out of your routine. This was something I was really suffering from in the past, and I am gradually trying to always seek new places and new experiences. Change is really good when it comes to your activities, so try for example to always visit new villages in your country, try different restaurants, try different gym classes, and cook different food! This change can be an excellent way to be inspired & to inspire!

I hope you liked today’s post! I would love to know what are your sources of inspiration?

PS: This image was taken in Dubrovnik – Croatia (Summer 2014) 

Lara xx