VIDEO: My Top 5 Summer Style Essentials

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Hi guys, this is a quick hello to announce that there’s a new video on my YouTube channel where I chat about my summer style essentials. I apologize in advance if you’re a non-Arabic speaker, but most of the items mentioned have already been styled on the blog! In the future, I will plan on having the same content shared on the blog in English, or film a few videos completely in English. Let me know what you think 🙂

Thank you in advance for all your support and sweet messages

Lara xx


My Favorite Fall/Winter 2017 Trends

I feel like this season has arrived with lots of new trends to keep up with. Luckily, I am absolutely in love with almost everything I am seeing in stores, so shopping has never been better (Even my mom is being understanding)! In today’s post I will be briefly listing my top 5 favorite trends for this season in case you started shopping for the winter season


This is one of my absolute favorite trends for this season! I really love metallic pieces if worn properly and subtly. For the festive season, you will really need to invest in metallic piece, I already got some pieces that you will hopefully see soon on the blog (or my Instagram page @laraajouzz)



This is most definitely my favorite trend for 2017! I can still clearly remember my mom in the late 90s-early 2000’s wearing velvet dresses and shirts, and saying Whoah I want to wear that when I am older. YAY me, the trend is back and I can even wear my mom’s vintage pieces 🙂



This is also one of my favorite trends for the season. I really love how artistic and unique a piece looks when embroidered, it can be kept for a really long time if well taken care of. I recently invested in an embroidered piece from Zara, and to justify the price, I had convince my mom that I will pass on this piece to future generations haha!



I just love seeing 90’s bands on t-shirts and I guess that’s enough! I guess Zara & Forever 21 have some cool band t-shirts now in case you were searching



Sadly this trend doesn’t really work for my body type, but I LOVE seeing it on friends and models. However, I did manage to buy a few over-sized items like t-shirts and a blazer


What are your favorite trends for 2017?

Lara xx


Best Places to Find Unique Chokers

I know, I’ve been an extremely bad blogger lately! To be honest, I won’t use my busy work schedule as an excuse, I’ve just been out of ideas and uninspired for the past couple of months. BUT, today I am coming back with a topic that I thoroughly enjoy!

For the past year or so, I’ve been obsessed with chokers. I rarely style anything without throwing a choker, and after that moment, I feel my outfit is complete. It all started with that 90’s tattoo choker, and after that I started buying more and more designs

In today’s post, I will be listing a few of my favorite places where you can find unique and cool chokers because let’s face it, this trend is not going away anytime soon!

1- Zara



Zara is my hands down favorite place to find chokers. Every time I go there, I discover that they released a new pack of chokers, and I get this urge to buy more. They just have the coolest designs for fair prices, and they usually have 2-3 chokers per pack which makes it a good deal

2- Vanina


Vanina is a Lebanese jewelry brand with lots of super cool designs. If you’re looking for a choker with an edge for a special occasion, then Vanina is your place to go. I am not sure about their exact prices, but I am guessing you pay for what you get in terms of design and attention to details

3- Trichellas


Trichellas is one of the Lebanese brands that I discovered on Instagram. I fell in love with all their simple yet edgy chokers to the extend that I instantly ordered 3 pieces! The chokers that you find on this Instagram page are the ones that you can wear on a daily basis (layered or single), and the best part is that they are budget friendly with superb quality. Instagram: @trichellas

4- HRH Collection


If you’re looking for dainty layered chokers then HRH is the brand for you! I started noticing this international brand on YouTube since many YouTubers were given part of the brand’s collection as a gift. I couldn’t help but love the layering of the necklaces, it adds so much elegance to your overall look, yet keeping the edgy factor

I hope you enjoyed reading today’s post! If you have any questions, feel free to email me at

Lara xx



IMG_2448 - edit

Those photos were taken on a random day at work, where I felt like twirling and twirling in my skirt!

The coming week is going to be really tough at work, so those photos are a reminder that a positive attitude is always key when dealing with work pressure.

On a separate note, I am glad that this outfit was consisted of very basic items in my closet like the (faux) leather jacket and the white t-shirt, but the hat made all the difference, and that’s why I am obsessed with hats:D

IMG_2397 - edit

IMG_2476 - edit

IMG_2435 - edit

IMG_2477 - edit

IMG_2417 - edit

IMG_2467 - edit

I feel this month is going to be a good one, how about you?

Lara xx

5 Hairstyles to Try in 2016

I am one of those people who constantly feel the need to change their hairstyles. I don’t usually do anything crazy, and to be honest I’ve never even dyed my hair!

This year, I feel like experimenting more with my hair and trying something that I’ve never done before

Below you have 5 hairstyles that you should try for 2016:

  1. Messy Short Hair


This is one hairstyle that I am really looking forward to try. I’ve always been a fan of short hair, and I really want to try and have even shorter hair this summer

2. Pastel Colors


This hairstyle is for the fearless people out there 😀 I really wish I can pull off this color, but I know for sure that it will look very odd on me

3. The Sleek Bob


This is also a second hairstyle that I am really looking forward to try (maybe before I cut them really short :D) The sleek bob hairstyle is when you have the back part of your hair shorter than the front one, and I really like it because it gives so much volume and texture to your face

4. The Long Locks


I know many people who are starting to get bored with their short hair. For the new year, why not experiment with hair extensions. I know they might not be the most practical solution, but it can still be a change of style for a while

5. The Bangs


I know bangs need maintenance, but they can be the best thing you can do to revamp your look. I am really considering bangs, but I am not sure if they suit me to be honest.

Which hairstyle are you going to try in 2016?

Lara xx

The Masculine Touch




I really love to shop in the men’s section as many of you do I am sure 😀 In fact, I really love wearing over-sized items so you can always find me buying stuff in size large instead of small! If you have a petite figure like I do, you need to pay attention to the items that you buy in size large since they might not always look flattering. Try to always take pictures in the fitting room before you actually buy the items, this way you would make sure that the items look good on you. I usually buy sweaters in size large and shirts/t-shirts in size medium.

I wore this look to work yesterday and I really loved it because it’s very comfortable and edgy at the same time. I guess this is the best part of winter, you can always add layers and hats to give your look a little edginess 😉

IMG_1913 - edit

IMG_1915 - edit


I was wearing:
Shirt: Pull & Bear – Men
Leggings: American Apparel
Beanie: Vero Moda (old)

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I just love finding random artistic corners when it comes to shooting for the blog. I feel they add so much fun and personality to my outfit, and that’s what I felt when I found this cool “Garage” door in Gemmayze!

For this shoot I wanted to be fun and playful especially that my midi Zara skirt actually helps. I love how this relatively classic look was given a twist when you add your personality and the location.

Even if the sun is shining, and it’s officially Spring, that won’t stop me from wearing one of my favorite looks which is the “Black on Black” look, but I promise you to officially kick off the new season with much more colors and fun posts.

I would love to thank my dear friend/photographer Zahra Basma for always knowing exactly what I want and translating it into beautiful images!







I was wearing:

Total Zara look

Bershka Hat 

Have a great weekend everyone!

Lara xx