My Fashion “Anti-Haul”: Trendy Items I am not Willing to Invest In

So, before we start this post I want to clarify what is a ” Fashion Anti-Haul”. Basically, it’s the things that I am not interested in buying for several reasons. I found this concept on YouTube and I felt like I really need to blog about this since it’s a new intake on trends and shopping in general.

We are constantly being bombarded with trends and items that we feel the need to buy, but sometimes its good to step back and realize that we don’t need to buy all these items to feel happy and content. I also intended on writing about this since bloggers are technically perceived as a sales agents for everything related to the fashion/beauty industry, and this raises a huge question mark on what items should we buy or not. Are all trends worth the investment? 

Below are a few items/trends that I am simply not buying. I learned my lessons over the years, I will not easily fall in the same trap! Whether I am paying a large or a small amount of money, I really don’t need it all!

1- Pearl Jeans


It looks like pearls on everything is the newest trend. Wherever I go, I find pearls on shoes, bags, sunglasses, clothes, etc.. I’ve been also particularly eyeing jeans with pearls on them and it seems like everyone has these pants now (Thanks Zara). I really don’t find it necessary to purchase those jeans or any item with pearls on it simply because it will become useless next year and I would have paid a lot of money on them. The jeans for example are above $50 so I’d rather invest in a pair that I can regularly wear for a long time.

2- One Piece Swimsuits

Processed with VSCO with j5 preset

If I can give summer ’17 a theme it would be ” One Piece Swimsuits & Flamingo Inflatables”. I am sure you’ve noticed how wide spread the one-piece swim suit trend is. However, this is also an item that I am not willing to purchase seeing that I usually like to stick to timeless pieces that I can wear for more than 2 summers. Moreover, I usually don’t have the flexibility to go regularly to the beach so I end up wearing my swim suits a maximum of 2 times each. That’s why, I will not be adding one-piece swim suits to my collection any time soon.

3- Bags

I love bags! I will always spend money on bags with no regret, but sometimes when you’re throwing a serious amount on certain bags you need to do a lot of researching

  • GUCCI:


Gucci has been releasing a lot of models lately and I really don’t see them as timeless trendy pieces that can be worn for many years. I can’t afford a Gucci bag at the moment, but even if I did, I would never invest in such pieces that I could only wear for one season.

  • Basket Bags


So, “The Little Red Riding Hood”  basket bag is a thing right now. I don’t mean to be rude, but I really don’t see the logic behind carrying a basket bag. Sure, they’re cute and everything, but they look super impractical and they are quite expensive. This is also an item that is here to stay for one season so I am surely not interested to buy a bag that can only be useful for a Sunday picnic.

4- Shoes

  • Les Tropeziennes Sandals


This was one item I bought a few years ago because I fell under the internet spell. I saw everyone wearing them and I thought to myself why not invest in a pair of sandals that will last a long time and are supposedly good quality sandals. Man I was wrong! I remember purchasing these sandals for approximately $85 thinking that they will last me a lifetime, only to learn one summer after that they’re my biggest purchase disappointment. After wearing them for a few times, they became seriously slippery and they looked super disgusting like I’ve worn them for 6 years (Keeping in mind that I extra good care of all my shoes, clothes, and bags). I don’t think I will ever buy expensive shoes ever again after this experience.

  • Swimming/Training Slides


For the past year or so I’ve also been seeing a lot of those Adidas and Nike slides that look weird and are also ridiculously expensive. Actually I still don’t understand why would I want to wear athlete slippers in public, they’re not casual in the sense that they could be thrown with a pair of genes and a t-shirt. They would still make me look like a lazy person or an athlete wannabee so no thanks.

  • Fenty Fur Slides


I really don’t want to go on and on and waste time and energy on those hideous shoes. Simply I will never think of buying those shoes and neither should you.

So here you have it, my “Fashion Anti-Haul”! I really hope you enjoyed this post and I hope it made you think a bit about some items that you regret buying and your future buying habits. As I mentioned before, you really don’t need to follow and spend on every trend out there. Next time you go shopping think a bit about the item that you’re about to buy and how much use can you get out of it.

What are the items that will fall under your fashion anti-haul?

Lara xx


Forever 21 Private Preview


Hello everyone! Yesterday was a good day, one of my all time favorite stores has finally arrived to Beirut, I am talking of course about Forever 21! I got the chance to attend the private preview (thanks to Between the Lines)  with other bloggers and people in media to take a peek inside the new and long awaited Forever 21 store.

First Impressions:

– I was worried the pricing would be higher in Lebanon, but they are not. Still the same budget friendly F21

– It’s spacious (but not as massive as the one I saw in Dubai Mall)

– There’s a men’s section but not as big as the women’s section

– You can also find accessories, shoes, and bags

– There’s also a lingerie section

– I couldn’t find the gym wear section, hoping it will be available soon

The grand opening is today at Beirut City Center at 11AM so if you are near the area I advise you to drop by the store and check it out!





I think we still need so many more stores to come to Lebanon but I am so glad that F21 was crossed out of my list!

Lara xx

Dress Up December: Holiday Style Selection

Hello everyone! With the holidays being just around the corner, I thought of preparing a post not just for inspiration, but for actual garments that you can find now in a wide selection of stores all around the world to make your shopping experience more efficient.

I have already shared some personal style posts before for inspiration, and I will show you what I will actually wear for Christmas and NYE!

As a general tip, go for unique pieces because it’s the perfect time of the year to look and feel your absolute best! As I have stated before, you can choose simple outfits that you already have but pump them up with statement jewelry, headpieces, shoes, or even your makeup. You can also rely on the outfit itself as a statement if you go for sequined/embellished outfits.

Below you have my picks! Happy Shopping xx

Both pieces are from Zara, I love glitters and headpieces during this time of the year!



This dress is from Kate Spade, I love the royal blue color and the stunning back of that dress

download download (1)

This long and simple dress is from Bershka, you can add a statement necklace for a perfect Holiday look 


I loved this Charles & Keith clutch from the minute I saw it because of that radiant and statement color!


Here you see a beautiful jumpsuit and a sequined suit both from Lovers + Friends the perfect items for this season

05.15.14-LNF-HOLIDAY-14-0165 H14NVG0065_V11

The best way to complete an outfit is through a statement clutch and this Micheal Kors clutch can finish up your look perfectly! 

download (2)

Happy Holidays!

Lara xx