5 Things I Miss About The Early Blogging Scene


For those of you who don’t know, I started blogging in 2012. Back then, Instagram was just starting, and bloggers weren’t really relying on this platform for fame or recognition. The term “Instagram Influencer” or “Instagram Fashionista” was pretty much non existent.

Nowadays, I feel like fashion blogging is on the verge of dying. Why you might ask? It’s simple! People are doing it for the WRONG reasons. I’ve actually discussed this topic so many times with fellow bloggers who have the same feeling about the industry.

So below are a few things I miss about blogging and bloggers:

1- The Genuinity

I feel a huge reason why fashion blogging is “dying” is because people are not genuine anymore. It’s always the same collaborations, the same projects, and the same events. If a blogger collaborates with one brand, you see everyone else working with the same brand as if it’s a must or a rule. I am also always confused whether a post or an article is sponsored or not. The Lebanese blogosphere is still not used to posting the hashtags #ad or #sponsored, so we are always wondering if the blogger is actually in love with the product or if it’s just a sponsored post.

I’ve also realized that some bloggers feel the need to post something about a place or a product just because they were approached by the brand or maybe sent a package, and this is a main reason why I feel the content is not genuine anymore. If you don’t love it, there’s no need to post about it.

2- The Writing

The rise of “Instagram Influencers”stopped bloggers from actually writing content. Why waste hours writing a post if you can get all the fame and the recognition just by posting a photo on Instagram? I admit, I’ve neglected blogging for a long time but not because of Instagram. I was actually demotivated to create any content which is an inevitable step in every blogger’s journey (Don’t you agree?)

3- The Identity

I feel like nowadays my Instagram feed is the same. Bloggers discussing the same products, places, and trends. Between every few photos, you have to spot the fishnet stockings, or the meal at that new trendy place. The content is pretty much becoming predictable, and bloggers are losing their sense of uniqueness or identity.

4- The Effort

In Lebanon we have a few profiles who actually put sweat and tears into their content. I have so much respect for these people, and they truly inspire me to become a better blogger version of myself. However, it’s fair to mention that the effort that was put few years ago has immensely diminished today. I used to blog every other day in the past, and today I can barely post twice a month.

5- The Discussion

I remember back in the day  blog posts used to generate a lot of discussion and debates. People were eager to read new content regardless of their interest, so they interacted with the blogger or maybe tagged their friends. Nowadays, I feel people are not intrigued to click on a blog post and read it, perhaps they prefer reading a few sentences on Instagram and that’s about it. Let me know how you feel about that

Before I end this post I wanted to mention that I am not claiming in any way that I follow the best blogging practices in the industry, I make mistakes all the time. I just wanted to express through this blog post what many bloggers are feeling today. Maybe this can motivate us to write more and create more interesting and unique content.

PS: Here’s my first ever blog post !!!! Those 5 years really flew by 😦

Let me know what you think of this unusual post 🙂

Lara xx


2 Years, New Year…


Wow, what a year! Last year just at that time of the day I was writing my 1 year, New Year post where I named my 2013 as the year of following my dreams. If I could name this year I would say it’s the year of discovering myself and certainly the year of accomplishments. Today is a very special day for me, not just because it’s New Year’s eve, but also because my blog turns 2. I think it is the perfect opportunity to evaluate my year on a personal note, and evaluate my blog simultaneously!

This year was beautiful!  I met some wonderful people, I graduated from university, I started a new job, I visited 4 countries, I watched 2 of the best series of all times ( Game of Thrones & Breaking Bad, yes it does matter lol), and I learned so many new things about myself.

Blog wise, I did stop blogging for a while, I changed my blog’s logo, and shifted from Blogger to WordPress. My blogging year was a bit shaky during the summer but I am so glad I got things back together and I am so happy with the progress so far. I am glad I met new bloggers that I wasn’t able to meet last year; we also had a gathering 2 times which is really awesome! This year, 66 countries viewed my blog which is amazing considering I wasn’t really satisfied with the blog this year.

Personal life wise, graduation was a massive milestone for me and starting a new life as an employee and not a student is really a transition. I travelled to UAE, Croatia, Montenegro, and Bosnia & Herzegovina which really opened my eyes to the great amount of beauty around the world, and just increased my love for travelling. I was stuck at the airport with a massive storm outside which really freaked me out since it was the first time, and I also got the chance to cross 2 major things out of my bucket list which are visiting King’s Landing from Game of Thrones (which was filmed in Dubrovnik, Croatia) and meeting the one and only Elie Saab! I also get amazing World Cup flashbacks especially the day when Brazil lost 7-1 for Germany; it was certainly one of the funniest days of my life! I also got the chance to visit so many beautiful areas around Lebanon with my family and friends.

For this new year, I am hoping to grow and expand my blog, and continue on writing about all my passions and discover amazing hidden brands. I want us to also have more blogger gatherings since they were so much fun. I am hoping to discover new countries and new inspirations because they always reflect beautifully to my blog. And on a personal note, I am hoping to achieve all my resolutions   and to generally work on all my aspirations step by step.

Last but not least, thank you for everyone’s support and love this year. You are amazing, and your support means the world to me. A massive thank you to my family, my partner, my friends, and my angel, you are the best motivation and the inspiration! Happy New Year everyone, wishing you and your loved ones all the best career wise, health wise, and life wise!





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