My 21 Day Challenge Journey – The Feedback



As you may have seen in my previous blog post or on my Instagram page, I started the 21 Day Challenge with Healthy Happy Us beginning of December. Now, it has been a week or so since I’ve completed my challenge, so I thought I’d fill you up on my overall experience.

Going into my week 1 assessment, I had no expectations at all. I was following all the recommended work-outs and recipes, but to be honest I didn’t expect to see any tangible results. The moment Rola, from Healthy Happy Us, filled me in on my excellent results I was super proud of myself. She mentioned that I was already losing body fat and gaining muscle mass. After seeing my results, I had even more faith in my challenge and that is when I started taking it seriously (not that I wasn’t taking it seriously before, but the results made me more determined to finish my challenge on a positive note). Week 2 also showed amazing results that were pretty consistent to my week 1 results in terms of numbers. Week 3 (the final week) was a bit tricky. It was getting closer to Christmas and things started to get a bit tempting as I was constantly surrounded with chocolates and yummy treats. The results weren’t as great as the first two weeks, but I was okay with that. I didn’t want to be hard on myself since I was told by Rola that blaming myself and feeling guilty is one of the worst things that I could do to myself while on a program or a challenge.


The Verdict:

Overall, I would say that I really enjoyed my experience with the 21 Day Challenge. I’ve been going through a rough patch for the last couple of months, so it was exactly what I needed to boost my self-esteem, and to gain a new life purpose/challenge. In terms of the program itself, I would say that the work-outs are very interesting as they change every week, so this gives you the chance to challenge your body. Also, the food portions are very generous, I rarely felt hungry during the day. The program also made me enjoy experimenting with new recipes every week, as well as made me appreciate the concept of meal planning. I realized after week 3 was over, that this is not only a challenge for 21 days, it is really a new lifestyle that you can adapt to whenever you want.

If you’re interested to know more about the 21 Day Challenge, make sure you reach out to Healthy Happy Us to start your program. You can meet the dietitians Baraa El Sabbagh or  Rola Ghaddar at Healthy Happy Us in Beirut, Lebanon or you can book an online appointment.

Lara xx


My First Vlog is UP!

Hi guys! Just a quick hello to let you know that my FIRST Vlog is UP!!

The whole process of filming and editing was truly a blast, and I really want to thank every single person who watched my Vlog and gave me feedback, you really made my week 🙂

So here you can find the Vlog below:

Hope you enjoy it!

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Lara xx


Favorites 2016: Beauty, Skincare & Lifestyle

Hey guys! First, I wanted to start this blog post by wishing you all a very Merry Christmas! Personally, I had a super chill weekend; I watched Love Actually over 3 times, no joke!

Now that the new year is only a week away, I thought why not write a special post dedicate to my absolute favorite things of 2016. I usually really enjoy watching or reading these types of posts, so I hope you enjoy my version 🙂


I listed below my top favorite items that I used on a daily basis this year

20161224_112108 - edit.jpg

  • L’Oreal super liner : This is definitely my favorite eyeliner so far. It’s really easy to use especially if you’re new to the winged liner club. If you feel like tying it, head over to Feel 22, and benefit from a special discount using promo-code LARASPEAKSSTYLEFEEL22  by clicking here
  •   L’Occitane Neroli & Orchidee Perfume: Ever since I received this perfume in my        Pretty Little Box – L’Occitane edition, I really couldn’t stop wearing it. I feel like it  really suits me, and its perfect purse size makes it so easy for me to carry around  everywhere I go
  • Sephora Lipstain #13: If I could choose 1 beauty favorite for 2016, it would definitely be this lipstick. I don’t want to seem too dramatic, but ever since I tried this shade, I felt like I found my perfect holy grail shade for  life! If you’re based in Lebanon, you can find some Sephora products on Feel 22 here 
  • Maybelline Instant Age Rewind Concealer: Sadly, this product is not available in Lebanon, so I had to ask my friends living abroad to get me a handful of tubes! I’ve already mentioned this concealer on the blog, but it has certainly been my everyday choice since it’s lightweight and covers just enough

20161224_112127 -edit.jpg

S K I N   C A R E 

20161224_111706 - edit.jpg

Ultra Doux Body Lotion: 

Ever since I received this new range of body lotions back in February, I couldn’t stop using them. They are seriously competing with my body butters from The Body Shop! They are all made from natural ingredients and they smell incredibly good. It is also important to mention that they are easily accessible and very fairly priced. I just really wish they add a Coconut scent

20161224_111943 - edit.jpg

  Bioderma Micellar Water & VICHY Thermal Water:

It is no secret that Bioderma makes my favorite makeup remover of all time. Truth is, you will definitely find this product in my all time favorites not only this year’s favorites (I feel like I am being too dramatic today lol).

My second favorite is actually a new discovery. I’ve never really had thermal water as part of my skincare routine, but I really like this thermal water especially when I need to refresh my face after a long day

S E R I E S:


Yay now off to my favorite part! I finished Westworld only in 4 days last weekend, and I can confidently say that it is my absolute favorite series for this year, and definitely one of my all time favorites. If you haven’t watched Westworld yet, I urgently ask you to spare a few days and dedicate them fully to this brilliant show. If you’re not convinced yet, this show features A-list actors and actresses including the legendary Anthony Hopkins

Here you have the show’s trailer:

P O D C A S T S 


In 2016, I started getting into the world of Podcasts. I don’t feel I have enough background to mention my absolute favorite podcast for 2016, but it’s fair to mention one of my favorite channels, TED Radio Hour. As you can imagine, all the podcasts are informative and they cover interesting topics

M E M O R Y 


I wanted to end this blog post with my favorite memory of 2016! Going through this year, I realized just how much I’ve been through with all my new experiences and adventures. If I have to pick one memory for this year, it would be in Budapest when I met my partner after a 6 hour ride from Prague, and a stop in Bratislava. I remember it was a long day filled with emotions, I was really anxious and excited to see my boyfriend after planning for this trip for so long. He couldn’t make it with me to Prague, but we met in Budapest and it was truly an unforgettable moment

Okay too much cheese for 1 post, what were your 2016 favorites?

Lara xx

Cooking Experience at Popolo Beirut


I’ve always had a massive interest in the kitchen. My working hours don’t allow me to cook regularly, but I make sure I make use of this hobby at least during the weekend.

When I was contacted by the Popolo team to cook with chef Giuseppe Palumbo, who was in Beirut to consult the newly opened restaurant with their menu, I knew it was going to be really interesting. We had 2 dishes on the menu to cook and luckily both were easy to cook at home as well! I also had the chance to share this cooking session with the bloggers behind Popocorn 961 so it was nice to share interesting conversations about different regions in Italy while learning the basics from the award winning Italian chef.

After finishing our cooking session, we had the chance to eat what we have prepared along with some other dishes from their menu.

This was my second time in this restaurant, and every time the food just keeps on getting better. What I loved the most about this Italian restaurant in particular is that it’s not your regular Italian restaurant in Beirut. I really enjoyed the variety of dishes that you can find in the menu other than the traditional Pizza & Pasta. Being a seafood lover myself, I felt I was in my element!





I highly recommend you try this newly opened Italian restaurant in Ain El Mraysse

Lara xx