My Holy Grail Beauty Products

IMG_0395 edit .jpgAfter years of trial and error, I can finally say that I have a few Holy Grail products that I usually stick to for everyday use (and others for fancy occasions). In today’s YouTube video, I go over each product in detail and explain the reasons why they worked for me.

1- Vichy Ideal White Cleanser

I never believed in the power of a cleanser until I tried this one by Vichy. I always feel that my skin is super clean and refreshed after using it. I also like to texture of the liquid since it doesn’t come off as super soapy and foamy.

2- Bioderma Sensibio H2O Micellar Water

I swear by this product since forever! After trying many other brands, I do believe that this is the best Micellar water in the market since it cleans the eyes and the face in one swipe only. There’s a special discount happening now on Feel 22 for this brand, and you can also use my promo code for even more discount! What can I say it’s Christmas Time 😀 (link in the video’s description box)

IMG_0390 edit 1.jpg

3- Sephora Liquid Lipstick #13

I have mentioned this lipstick many times on the blog for an evident reason, I really can’t get over how perfect it is. The color, the texture, the longevity, and everything else about this lipstick is pure perfection! We sadly can’t have this product easily in Lebanon, but if you happen to know anyone who is coming from USA, Europe or the GCC, I highly advise you to ask them to get you that product with them.

4- L’Oreal Paris Super Liner Perfect Slim

This eyeliner really helped me in my “learning how to apply my winged liner” process. I still can’t do a perfect winged liner, but I can’t deny that this eyeliner helps it appear a 100 times better and more precise.

5- Estee Lauder Double Wear Foundation

I discovered this super high coverage foundation this summer when I had a couple of weddings and dinners to attend. If you’re looking for a long-lasting high coverage foundation, I highly recommend this one since it blends really well with the skin and it contains SPF!

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What are your Holy Grail beauty products?

Lara xx




For the past 2 years, I’ve been planning on launching a YouTube channel. However, this plan never came to life for many reasons:

1- I don’t have the right camera equipment 

2- The right camera equipment is way above my budget 

3- And honestly, fear of failing 

So this plan just kept on dragging, and never really happened keeping in mind that YouTube is my favorite social media platform, and I spend an average of 2 hours a day watching videos and discovering new talents on this platform

As part of my 2017 resolutions, I am planning on setting monthly doable goals instead of unrealistic goals. So I thought to myself, why not vlog this entire process and bring you along to be part of this experience.

I have no expectations

I am doing this for fun, I won’t be stressing about the quality of the filming and the editing, but instead the quality of the content. If I felt at any point that the content that I am filming is useless and lame, I will not post anything. I really want this to be a spontaneous experience where I take you with me to events, dinners, meetings, birthdays, road trips, reviews, or anything that is worth being filmed. This channel will not only be a video diary of my set goals for each month, but also a space to share some of my interesting experiences that I feel are worth remembering and re-watching in the future.

For now, I am posting on a monthly basis: 1 vlog per month. If I had some interesting content to share that could all be squeezed into 1 video (ex: an interesting day, a staycation, a road trip…) I will do that, and in that case I will have more than 1 vlog to share during the month. If this kicks off, maybe I can start doing weekly vlogs 🙂

Let the filming begin

I already started filming some content and I am really excited to start this whole experience on a platform that I thoroughly enjoy. If you have anything that you would like to see on my channel please let me know, I would love to give it a try! Also, if you have any filming or editing tips, your support is highly appreciated 😀

Until then, you can follow me on my social media platforms to stay updated on my latest news and projects (not that I have many, but I have a cute colorful Insta theme going on)

Instagram: @laraajouzz

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Lara xx

Cities I Would Like to Visit

I decided to dedicate my 3rd post in my #NovemberBloggingChallenge to one of my favorite topics, travel! Thankfully, I’ve been managing to plan at least 1 trip a year and so far I am blown away with all the cities that I’ve seen so far.

In today’s post I decided to list my top 5 places that I would like to visit in the near future. I still have many other cities that I would LOVE to visit, but I decided to list the ones that I can realistically visit in the next 2 years (I hope)

Thanks to Instagram and YouTube (in my case), it is now much easier to plan trips and find hidden gems around the world. The down-side of this whole online travel frenzy is that “hidden gems” are no longer hidden, but there’s no harm in wander-lusting every now and then 🙂

If you’ve been to any of the cities mentioned below, please leave your tips and suggestions down below. I would love to read all about your experiences and the best places to stay at and visit in each of the cities below. You can also email me 

1- Amsterdam, Netherlands


2- Marrakesh, Morocco


3- New York City, USA


 4- Lisbon, Portugal 


5- Cappadocia, Turkey 


Where would you like to travel next?

Lara xx

Introducing Yoga to my Life

img_2499There was a time in my life this year, I just felt like I wasn’t doing anything for myself. I gave away all my “alone time” to spend with friends or family, without thinking of myself or what I want to do on my own. My colleague Mimi was telling me how much she was enjoying yoga with this particular yoga instructor (Hi Lara!), so I decided to attend my first class and I was hooked!

I go to Mandala studio in Achrafieh every Wednesday at 7:30 AM, and I choose either Saturday or Sunday classes for the weekend

I started realizing as time passed by, how much our bodies can improve and do things that were thought of as impossible. That feeling itself always encourages me to go back to class and try harder. I think a huge part of this whole experience is the instructor herself, I never feel any pressure to exceed my body’s potential, and this is something that you should watch out for if you’re a beginner like me.


I recently went to a yoga retreat at my instructor’s beautiful house in South of Lebanon, where those pictures were taken. I went with 2 of my good yogi friends, so the whole experience was even better! I have to say the highlight of this day was definitely the puppies that joined us on this retreat; they just made this whole experience extra joyful! This retreat made me realize how each and every person has different capabilities and skills, and it’s perfectly fine not to master my inversions or to fail at my 3rd headstand attempt. However, the most beautiful part of this whole experience is staying positive and believing in your body’s capabilities



I decided to write this post in particular at the beginning of my #NovemberBloggingChallenge to encourage whoever is reading this post to go out there and do something on your own, something for YOU!

I am thinking of sharing more of  my yoga milestones with you guys, please let me know if that would interest you 🙂

Stay tuned for tomorrow’s post!

Lara xx

Best Places to Find Unique Chokers

I know, I’ve been an extremely bad blogger lately! To be honest, I won’t use my busy work schedule as an excuse, I’ve just been out of ideas and uninspired for the past couple of months. BUT, today I am coming back with a topic that I thoroughly enjoy!

For the past year or so, I’ve been obsessed with chokers. I rarely style anything without throwing a choker, and after that moment, I feel my outfit is complete. It all started with that 90’s tattoo choker, and after that I started buying more and more designs

In today’s post, I will be listing a few of my favorite places where you can find unique and cool chokers because let’s face it, this trend is not going away anytime soon!

1- Zara



Zara is my hands down favorite place to find chokers. Every time I go there, I discover that they released a new pack of chokers, and I get this urge to buy more. They just have the coolest designs for fair prices, and they usually have 2-3 chokers per pack which makes it a good deal

2- Vanina


Vanina is a Lebanese jewelry brand with lots of super cool designs. If you’re looking for a choker with an edge for a special occasion, then Vanina is your place to go. I am not sure about their exact prices, but I am guessing you pay for what you get in terms of design and attention to details

3- Trichellas


Trichellas is one of the Lebanese brands that I discovered on Instagram. I fell in love with all their simple yet edgy chokers to the extend that I instantly ordered 3 pieces! The chokers that you find on this Instagram page are the ones that you can wear on a daily basis (layered or single), and the best part is that they are budget friendly with superb quality. Instagram: @trichellas

4- HRH Collection


If you’re looking for dainty layered chokers then HRH is the brand for you! I started noticing this international brand on YouTube since many YouTubers were given part of the brand’s collection as a gift. I couldn’t help but love the layering of the necklaces, it adds so much elegance to your overall look, yet keeping the edgy factor

I hope you enjoyed reading today’s post! If you have any questions, feel free to email me at

Lara xx


GardenState of Mind


Last month, I had the opportunity to take part in a super cool photo shoot with a fresh and exciting concept. I was shooting alongside some awesome bloggers for Garden State’s summer season.

For those of you who don’t know, Garden State is a nightlife venue located in the middle of a garden. You can’t help but feel like you’re in a secret garden in the middle of the bustling city. For more information about the venue, you can check their Facebook page here

A big thank you to Andco, Vanina, The Goodlife, and the photographer Tony Elieyeh for making this project a great experience 🙂













Hope you liked the photos 🙂

Lara xx

My Marble Obsession



I admit, I have a serious obsession with everything related to marble, and no I don’t need an intervention haha!

It’s no secret that I have a real passion for everything related to home deco, but my obsession with marble has gone to a new level (even my phone wallpaper is a marble pattern!). So far, I have marble necklaces and a phone cover, but sadly I can’t find any marble trays which is the one thing that I really need in my room. If you know any places in Beirut that sell marble related items, please feel free to share 🙂

Below are  photos for some inspiration!








Lara xx