My 21 Day Challenge Journey – The Feedback



As you may have seen in my previous blog post or on my Instagram page, I started the 21 Day Challenge with Healthy Happy Us beginning of December. Now, it has been a week or so since I’ve completed my challenge, so I thought I’d fill you up on my overall experience.

Going into my week 1 assessment, I had no expectations at all. I was following all the recommended work-outs and recipes, but to be honest I didn’t expect to see any tangible results. The moment Rola, from Healthy Happy Us, filled me in on my excellent results I was super proud of myself. She mentioned that I was already losing body fat and gaining muscle mass. After seeing my results, I had even more faith in my challenge and that is when I started taking it seriously (not that I wasn’t taking it seriously before, but the results made me more determined to finish my challenge on a positive note). Week 2 also showed amazing results that were pretty consistent to my week 1 results in terms of numbers. Week 3 (the final week) was a bit tricky. It was getting closer to Christmas and things started to get a bit tempting as I was constantly surrounded with chocolates and yummy treats. The results weren’t as great as the first two weeks, but I was okay with that. I didn’t want to be hard on myself since I was told by Rola that blaming myself and feeling guilty is one of the worst things that I could do to myself while on a program or a challenge.


The Verdict:

Overall, I would say that I really enjoyed my experience with the 21 Day Challenge. I’ve been going through a rough patch for the last couple of months, so it was exactly what I needed to boost my self-esteem, and to gain a new life purpose/challenge. In terms of the program itself, I would say that the work-outs are very interesting as they change every week, so this gives you the chance to challenge your body. Also, the food portions are very generous, I rarely felt hungry during the day. The program also made me enjoy experimenting with new recipes every week, as well as made me appreciate the concept of meal planning. I realized after week 3 was over, that this is not only a challenge for 21 days, it is really a new lifestyle that you can adapt to whenever you want.

If you’re interested to know more about the 21 Day Challenge, make sure you reach out to Healthy Happy Us to start your program. You can meet the dietitians Baraa El Sabbagh or  Rola Ghaddar at Healthy Happy Us in Beirut, Lebanon or you can book an online appointment.

Lara xx


I Started the 21 Day Challenge with Healthy Happy Us – Week 1 Update


If you guys follow me on Instagram (shameless promotion @laraajouzz), you may have seen that I decided to start the 21 Day Challenge with Healthy Happy Us.  I read so much about this challenge back when they were still in round 1, so it got me super excited to try it myself during the second round.

To begin with, what is the 21 Day Challenge?

Just as the name says, it’s a 3 week challenge that will help you get rid of the stubborn kgs of fat.

The 3 week challenge includes:

  • A total of 5 juicing days spread out through the 21 days. They include a special recipe of protein energy balls and crunchy salad (delivered to your house) – I decided not to go with this option, but you can definitely try it.
  • Weekly meal plans
  • Weekly 30-45 minute workout videos
  • Delicious recipes that take no more than 30 minutes, even if it’s your first time in the kitchen!

After I did my body composition test, I realized that I gained 2 kilos and my fat levels need some adjustment. I want to challenge my body to become stronger and healthier and that is not only a 21 day goal, I want to make it a life-long goal.


What am I feeling so far?

Now I am at week 1 in this challenge, and I am already starting to feel the difference. I obviously didn’t lose weight not gained muscles yet, but I changed some bad habits! The challenge definitely helps you discipline yourself since it’s slightly strict in terms of what food you should be consuming and the quantities. I also found myself really interested in the meal planning concept; it made me excited to cook my meals and try them the second day. I am aware that I don’t have a huge target in terms of weight loss, but it’s important to detox every now and then, and give your body a break from all the useless processed and junk food that we consume regularly.

If you’re interested in taking the challenge yourself, make sure you reach out to Healthy Happy Us to start your program. You can meet the dietitians Baraa El Sabbagh or  Rola Ghaddar at Healthy Happy Us in Beirut, Lebanon or you can book an online appointment.

Stay tuned for the second post during week 2 where I will be revealing more about my food and workouts!

Lara xx


A Wonder.Full Christmas Gift Guide


Hello guys! It’s finally my favorite time of the year, where everything is so festive and joyful. I really can’t explain the charm of Christmas time, but it’s definitely a time of the year that I always look forward to.

This time of the year also brings with it immense confusion on what to gift our loved ones. I recently came across a very interesting gifting concept, “Wonder.Full”, in Lebanon that you would definitely need to check out for this time of the year.

The idea of “Wonder.Full” is the following, instead of giving someone a tangible product, get an unforgettable experience, in a box! Wonder.Full gives you the opportunity to gift your loved ones experiences related to the fields that they are passionate about. It could be anything, a wind-surf instructor, your customized lingerie, a lovely walk on the wild side of Lebanon, a personal shopper just for you, a relaxing Hammam treat. Really anything!


You have 4 boxes to choose from:  Glamour, Gourmet, Adventure and Harmony. Inside, there’s a catalogue of wonder.full experiences waiting to happen. Here’s how it works, First, the lucky receiver opens the box and picks one activity from the catalogue of bewilderment. Then, he/she contacts the selected provider and books his/her favorite experience. Finally, he/she shows them the voucher and lives his/her wonder moment to the fullest. How awesome is that!

I really loved this new gifting concept, ultimately, the best things in life aren’t things 🙂

You can check out their website here

Stay tuned for more gift ideas for this holiday season!

Lara xx

Cooking Experience at Popolo Beirut


I’ve always had a massive interest in the kitchen. My working hours don’t allow me to cook regularly, but I make sure I make use of this hobby at least during the weekend.

When I was contacted by the Popolo team to cook with chef Giuseppe Palumbo, who was in Beirut to consult the newly opened restaurant with their menu, I knew it was going to be really interesting. We had 2 dishes on the menu to cook and luckily both were easy to cook at home as well! I also had the chance to share this cooking session with the bloggers behind Popocorn 961 so it was nice to share interesting conversations about different regions in Italy while learning the basics from the award winning Italian chef.

After finishing our cooking session, we had the chance to eat what we have prepared along with some other dishes from their menu.

This was my second time in this restaurant, and every time the food just keeps on getting better. What I loved the most about this Italian restaurant in particular is that it’s not your regular Italian restaurant in Beirut. I really enjoyed the variety of dishes that you can find in the menu other than the traditional Pizza & Pasta. Being a seafood lover myself, I felt I was in my element!





I highly recommend you try this newly opened Italian restaurant in Ain El Mraysse

Lara xx

My Summer Bucket List

Hello beautiful people! Today I thought of sharing my summer bucket list that I am hoping to accomplish by the end of September. One of my best friends is coming from Canada this summer so it’s a great opportunity to accomplish all of the things I want with my group of friends. Here we go!

1) Go for a picnic by the river


I’ve seen many beautiful pictures online for Nahr-Ibrahim so it’s one of my must go to places. If you have suggestions for other rivers to check out please let me know 😀

2) Travel


My passion for travelling just keeps on growing and growing so I am hoping I could be able to travel this summer.

3) Go to Tawlet Ammiq


I’ve heard amazing things about this place in the Bekaa Valley, so I am looking forward to discover it!

4) Do More Water Activities

large (1)

I am also planning on doing more snorkeling, and maybe learn a new sport like surfing!

5) Learn How to do Smoothies

large (2)

With the really high temperatures approaching, I really want to master all the delicious smoothies that I keep on seeing on my Pinterest feed!

6) Go on  Road Trips

large (3)

There are many beautiful areas in my country that I am really curious to discover so a road trip can be a good way to do that!

7) Film Videos

large (4)

That’s not only on my summer bucket list, but also on my 2015 resolutions, and sadly I haven’t filmed any videos yet 😦 However, I am really willing to document things in video from now on. Fingers crossed!

8) Work on the Ultimate Summer Playlist

large (5)

9) Go Back to Working Out

large (6)

10) Go to a Winery


We have many in Lebanon and I want to discover more about wine making & tasting

What’s on your bucket list for this summer?

Lara xx

Tuesday Tips: How to Become a Morning Person


Many people suffer from not being a “Morning Person”. They just can’t make it on time to work or class, and they always feel miserable waking up. Being a morning person myself, I can tell you one thing, it is all in your head! Once you get the motivation to change this thing about yourself, you can become a morning person. It’s just a matter of your life routine!

Today, I will be sharing 5 tips to help you become a morning person based on personal experience 🙂

1) Improve Your Sleeping Cycle

If you go to bed after 12 am,there is no way you could wake up comfortable the next day, since an adult needs about 7-8 hours of sleep. Thus, you should first and foremost, work on your sleeping cycle. If you have trouble falling asleep early, make sure you take a warm bath, read a book, and stay away from all electronic devices. Slowly you will realize a change in your sleeping routines. I also heard of an application called “Sleep Cycle”, which helps you track your sleep patterns which could be helpful as well.

2) Exercise

Instead of going to your favorite gym class in the afternoon, try taking early classes. This will motivate you to wake up earlier, and will boost your body with the necessary energy that you need for the entire day. If you don’t exercise, try signing up for an early class, if you like it that’s great, and if not quit and search for something you like to stay motivated.

3) Prepare the Night Before

I personally do that since there’s no better feeling than waking up and knowing you have prepared all your food, snacks, papers, bag, clothes, and just everything you need the night before. The extra time you have will be basically to pamper yourself, enjoy coffee or tea without rushing, and just relax.

4) Breakfast

I know so many people who don’t have breakfast in the morning and that’s a big mistake. Breakfast is the most important meal of the day, and it will provide your body with the necessary energy for the rest of the day. If you feel lazy and tired during the day, it’s probably because you haven’t had any breakfast!

5) Enjoy the Extra Time

Waking up early gives you the opportunity to do so many things like stick to your morning beauty routine, have a quick shower, go for a run, prepare a delicious breakfast, or maybe experiment with hairstyles! I really hate it when I wake up late, because I feel like I’ve wasted my entire day, so imagine the amount of things that you could get done just by waking up early!

Have a great week everyone!

Lara xx

February Favorites


February is almost over! My goal was to make monthly favorites on YouTube, but I guess it’s okay for now to have this month’s favorites on the blog, and hopefully starting next month you can see them on YouTube!

I really love watching or reading about monthly favorites. I learn about so many products, movies, books, makeup, and so many other things, and that’s why today I am sharing my favorites with you guys!

My February Favorites: 

1) Knits

This month was the month of “Sweater Weather”. I am so glad I got to pick up these sweaters, and some other ones on sale, because it was freezing cold and I needed to feel extra warm and fuzzy!

2) Nail polish

This month I have also tried the Maybelline nail polish that I am really loving so far! Not much of a color variation like other brands, but it’s affordable and it lasts well.

3) Sunglasses

One of my favorite fashion items for this month was my new Zara sunnies. They go perfectly well with all my clothes for both Winter and Summer which makes me a happy kid!


4) Tea

I am what you define as a “Tea Obsessed” person! I could literally spend hours in the tea section at the supermarket just gazing at tea brands and flavors (not that we have so many lol). I have tried this Green Tea Mixed Berries flavor from Lipton and I really love it!!


5) Makeup

Now with makeup, I had more favorites but I decided to keep them for other articles or videos just to test them better and make sure that I really really love them!

Labello Lip Butter: This by far is the best lip product I have ever tried. I don’t usually have chapped lips, but this lip butter keeps my lips super soft, it smells so good, and it’s super affordable!

Estee Lauder Double Wear Concealer: I was searching for a good concealer since I haven’t found the “it” concealer yet. I decided to give this brand a shot, and I am glad I did! I never ever had days and days of no makeup face, but this concealer is so good, it brightens up my eye area, and I feel like I don’t really need makeup!

-Garnier BB Cream: I have heard so many good things about this BB Cream so I decided to give it a try as well. It’s almost empty and I am definitely buying a new one! It has really good coverage and it looks so natural and soft + it’s also affordable (almost $10)

 – Maybelline Go Extreme Mascara: I have been wearing this mascara for a long time now (which shows how much it lasts) and I really love it! This drugstore brand certainly wins with mascara every time! I have received another Maybelline mascara as a gift so I have to try it, or else I would have certainly re-purchased this one! Excellent for everyday use.

6) Favorite TV Show:

I finished the best show of all time in January so I couldn’t not mention it in this post! Of course I am talking about Breaking Bad! Let me just tell you, that you would be doing yourself a favor if you watch it because you can’t just live without watching this series! It’s so intense, so brilliant, so addictive, and it truly deserves all the buzz! It’s prequel just started this month, “Better Call Saul”, so stay tuned for it might be on my favorites soon!

7) Favorite Song:

I obviously have so many songs to mention but I decided to choose only one song, Style by Taylor Swift, since its video clip was released this month!

8) Favorite Accessories


As if I needed one more item to confirm my obsession with Breaking Bad, here comes my “I am not in danger, I am the danger” earrings by Leonie Accessories, and this is one of the most famous quotes from the show! I also love this very simple gold and pearl bracelet that I got as a gift from my parents!

I hope you liked this months favorites, what are yours?

Lara xx