Bodrum Travel Diary & Tour Tips

I managed to sneak in a very last minute trip to Bodrum-Turkey beginning of this month, so I thought I would document this trip on the blog in case you were ever interested in visiting the beach-side city.

To start with, Bodrum is very easy to access if you live in Europe or the Middle East. In Lebanon for instance, we have daily flights during summer, and the flight duration is approximately 1hr30. The weather in September is very pleasant, hot during the day (30°C-35°C) and breezy during the night (mid 20°C).

What to do in Bodrum?

Visit The Main Marinas


Bodrum is famous for its marinas. If you happen to visit this city, I highly recommend Palmarina and Bodrum Marina.

Palmarina was definitely one of my favorite hangout spots. It is a large marina surrounded by high-end stores and restaurants. You can also find the famous Nusr-et there, but make sure you have a reservation ahead of time since it’s always packed. I had dinner at a place called Cookshop, and the burger I had was easily one of the best I’ve ever had!

If you’re based in Gumbet (where usually the majority of tourists stay in Bodrum), you can take the 10 min bus journey to Bodrum Marina for 3 Tukish Liras/person. If you want to visit Palmarina, you have to go by taxi since it’s approximately 30 mins away from Gumbet and buses don’t usually go there.


Bodrum marina is considered the “city center”. It is filled with traditional shops and kiosks that you expect to find in a market. It is very cozy and the prices are definitely cheaper than the shops at Palmarina.


Island Tour


You can’t visit Bodrum without experiencing the boat trip that takes you to different islands. Nothing beats the feeling of sailing in the middle of the sea surrounded by other boats and beautiful scenery. The trip takes about 6 hours, so you might want to keep that in mind while planning your itinerary.



Dalyan Tour


Many people visit Bodrum without experiencing Dalyan. It is definitely an exhausting trip, but it’s worth the long hours. This tour is longer than the boat trip, you start at about 6:30 AM and you arrive back to your hotel at about 6:30 PM, so it’s considered a full day trip. Dalyan tour consists of a mud bath, a boat trip, and finally a swim in the sea where lake water and sea water meet. I don’t recommend this trip if you have kids, but if you’re with family or a group of friends it’s fun.



Visit the Windmills


If you want a nice view of the city you can head to the windmills in Gumbet area. You can also see the Greek Kos island from this hill so it’s a nice spot for photos. If I go back to Bodrum I would definitely hike there during sunrise or sunset.




Here are a few things that I didn’t get the chance to try (since our stay was very short), but I would definitely like to try them during my next visit:

1- Visit the castle of St. Peter

2- Have lunch at Gümüşlük, a sea-side village 

3- Try the famous Turkish bath 

4- Drive to Pamukkale & Ephesus 

Hope you liked my mini travel diary and tour guide! Have you ever visited Bodrum?

Lara xx



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