My Winter Bucket List


Last  year, I shared my summer bucket list as a way to organize my thoughts and actually motivate myself to do the activities that I was planning on doing. This year I thought to myself, why not prepare a winter bucket list and update you on the things that I was able to cross off by the end of the season.

I don’t know about you, but I really love bucket lists. I don’t actually write them down, but I usually have a list in my head and now I can document the progress on the blog 🙂 I often get some inspiration from @livelovebeirut, as they share pictures of pretty awesome villages and cities around Lebanon. I also get some ideas from websites and videos on YouTube, and I try to apply them to whatever is available in Lebanon

So without further ado, here you have my bucket list for winter:

  • Go on a wine tasting trip
  • Start taking pottery classes
  • Visit museums (we recently had an open museum night in Beirut, I hope the organizers plan a second one for winter)
  • Plan a staycation in the village
  • Party-hopping during Christmas
  • Host a Christmas dinner
  • Spend a full day on a Harry Potter marathon
  • Learn the basics of skiing
  • Work on interesting collaborations for the blog
  • Donate/Volunteer for a good cause
  • Film video diaries

What are you planning to do this winter?

Lara xx

Images via Live Love Beirut

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