My Most Worn Pieces


I was doing this photo shoot at the office last week (Thanks Mimi for the photos) when I realized that I was actually wearing the pieces that I wear the most

Starting with the jacket: I got this Olive color jacket from Zara last winter not knowing how much I will be wearing it for casual and dressy days. It is so versatile and easy to style to the extend that I find myself wearing it almost everyday in the colder weather.


The shorts: I found those shorts this Summer at Stradivarius. What I love the most about them is their suitable length since I was struggling in finding the perfect shorts that won’t show my butt cheeks, and they were extremely affordable ($32). I also love the cut-out detail! I think I wore those shorts every other day (if not every single day) for straight 2 months!


The t-shirt: I received this t-shirt as a gift at the Adidas Originals store opening in Beirut Souks. It is seriously one of the comfiest shirts I have, it’s so soft and perfectly over-sized, and that’s why you can find me wearing it at least once a week either to the office or to the yoga class.


Accessories: If you know me, you know very well that I wear chokers approximately on a daily basis. The one I am wearing in this photo shoot is from Zara. I do admit they have the best selection of stylish chokers. The rings are my new obsession designed by  my blogger friends Salma and Ginan. They both have a passion for collecting rings, and now they started their own line Riwaya. I will be dedicating a full post for my most-worn jewelry items, so stay tuned for that!


Stay tuned for a new post tomorrow! If you don’t know yet, I challenged myself to blog everyday during the week for the month of November, so expect a variety of new posts coming your way this month!

Lara xx


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