Introducing Yoga to my Life

img_2499There was a time in my life this year, I just felt like I wasn’t doing anything for myself. I gave away all my “alone time” to spend with friends or family, without thinking of myself or what I want to do on my own. My colleague Mimi was telling me how much she was enjoying yoga with this particular yoga instructor (Hi Lara!), so I decided to attend my first class and I was hooked!

I go to Mandala studio in Achrafieh every Wednesday at 7:30 AM, and I choose either Saturday or Sunday classes for the weekend

I started realizing as time passed by, how much our bodies can improve and do things that were thought of as impossible. That feeling itself always encourages me to go back to class and try harder. I think a huge part of this whole experience is the instructor herself, I never feel any pressure to exceed my body’s potential, and this is something that you should watch out for if you’re a beginner like me.


I recently went to a yoga retreat at my instructor’s beautiful house in South of Lebanon, where those pictures were taken. I went with 2 of my good yogi friends, so the whole experience was even better! I have to say the highlight of this day was definitely the puppies that joined us on this retreat; they just made this whole experience extra joyful! This retreat made me realize how each and every person has different capabilities and skills, and it’s perfectly fine not to master my inversions or to fail at my 3rd headstand attempt. However, the most beautiful part of this whole experience is staying positive and believing in your body’s capabilities



I decided to write this post in particular at the beginning of my #NovemberBloggingChallenge to encourage whoever is reading this post to go out there and do something on your own, something for YOU!

I am thinking of sharing more of  my yoga milestones with you guys, please let me know if that would interest you 🙂

Stay tuned for tomorrow’s post!

Lara xx


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