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Hello everyone and happy new year! I hope the year is starting off really well with you, and you’re committing well to all the goals that you have in mind for 2016!

I decided to start this new year with a brand new blog category! I decided to interview my colleague Miriam (better known as Mimi) who is also the founder of “The Mini Feet” (follow her on Instagram @theminifeet if you’re a shoe freak!). If you’ve ever met Mimi, you would know that the first thing that would catch your attention is definitely her hair, hence this interview!

Without further ado, here you have my interview with Miriam 🙂

  • What are the most common comments that you usually get about your hair?
    1. Considering how much volume my hair occupies, it never goes unnoticed. Whenever I walk into a store for example, it’s the first thing the salesperson comments about: “I like your hair!”, “Your hair looks nice”, etc.
    2. However, at home, it’s a completely different story. Being the odd one out between 3 boys with straight silky hair, I always get comments about taming my hair and tying it up to avoid looking wild and careless.
    3. Another comment I get, especially outside Lebanon, is “wow I love your hair, is your hair natural or is it a perm?”
  • How do you usually decide to change your hair color, and how often do you dye your hair?
    1. I was born a natural blonde and rocked an Afro hairstyle as a kid for as long as I can remember. My hair started to darken eventually and settled at light chestnut. The blonde hues would always come back in summer whenever I would go spend a month or more in Croatia. As I grew older, I was unable to go spend that much time in the sun and sea with university and work, so I had to turn to my hairdresser to get those blonde locks. The first time I ever dyed my hair it was blonde low lights, they were discrete but they were there. I learned that once you start you can’t stop, and you always want more. I kept maintaining those highlights whenever I would feel my hair color is pale or whenever I needed to uplift my mood. I experimented with all kinds of blonde, from honey blonde to ash blonde every 8 weeks or more. However the big change was when I decided to become a redhead. I always wanted to have red hair but I never had the guts to, but with some encouragement from my friends, especially the one I always go to whenever I decide to change my hair color I decided it was time. Those decisions are always spontaneous and out of the blue, whenever I take too much time thinking about them I never follow through.


  • How is your style reflected with every new hair color?
    1.  My style is not classic at all, I usually dress according to my mood; I can go out in black from head to toe just like I can wrap up in a bold colored scarf. The same applies to my hair; every color reflects a new mood for me, I discover a new side of my personality every time.

Processed with VSCOcam with f2 preset

  • What are some hair care tips you can give to the ladies who have curly hair?
    1. For the ladies who like curls without crazy volume, plopping is an awesome tip to use:
    2. Another tip is never brush your curls to make sure they stay bouncy. The only brushing I do is in the shower after applying a hair mask especially for curly hair by Ultra Doux (Shea Butter & Avocado Oil). I don’t use a brush for that either, my hands do the work.
    3. Curly hair can dry up very easily; an awesome treatment I go for is the L’Oréal Hair Spa ampoule. It’s an affordable, time efficient treatment that will give back moisture and glow to your hair! Ask your hairdresser about it.


  • Do you have a new hair color in mind after the bright red?
    1. A lot of my friends come to me for style advice and hairstyle advice. Hairstyle questions vary from color to cuts; I always make sure to do a tiny research for them and send them pictures of what might suit them. The last friend to have asked me for advice wanted an ash blonde look, throughout the research and after seeing her new hair color, I really got an urge to go back to blonde. The next style I’m contemplating would be short ash blonde hair, or wait no maybe short red hair. Help!


  • Does your hair care routine differ between Winter & Summer?
    1. I try to keep my hair moisturized all year long. As for straightening it, I barely ever do that in summer, because humidity is not my friend. Nevertheless, I tend to be a bit “careless” in summer; I don’t cut it or maintain the color cause the sun will change it quickly anyway. So I always keep drastic changes like hair coloring or cutting for the fall after my hair gets weak and needs to start fresh and clean.

Lookout for more interviews soon on the blog under the new interview section!

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