My 2016 Resolutions


This year  has gone so fast, I still remember clearly sitting on my laptop a year ago and writing my 2015 resolutions!

As I mentioned in my previous  post, I didn’t get the chance this year to fulfill all my 2015 resolutions. The truth is, I started this year a new job in the PR field which really occupied most of my free time. I couldn’t commit to working out since I was working late, and I ended up being tired most of the time. Now that I am used to my working hours, I am determined to make the most out of my 2016 resolutions, no excuses!

On the other hand, it’s important to note that many times you don’t get to achieve most of your goals for the year, but you end up experiencing amazing things that you didn’t even plan! This year has certainly held many beautiful surprises on a personal and professional level, and these things ended up making my year spectacular.

Without further ado, here you have my 2016 resolutions:

  • Stop using all electronic devices one hour before bed and read a book (I’ve already started with this step, and I can tell you it feels so good and relaxing)
  • Seriously commit to a gym
  • Record video diaries
  • Learn how to use Photoshop &  Video-maker
  • Finish at least 1 book/month
  • Try a new hairstyle
  • Experiment more in the kitchen
  • Explore hidden gems in Lebanon
  • Consistent blogging
  • Write a journal ( I know this might seem super cheesy, but sometimes it’s worth writing down some beautiful memories or experiences, and just have something interesting to read in the future)
  • Invest in a new professional camera
  • Take writing & graphic design workshops
  • Travel somewhere other than Europe
  • Learn a new language

I also found this cool Q&A post on, I think it is a good way to get your resolutions together in a more organized way:

A bad habit I’m going to break:
Checking my social media every 5 mins

A destination I’d like to visit:
New York – Sri Lanka

I’m going to work harder at:
Making time for workouts

I’d like to spend more time doing:
Outdoor activities

A food I want to eat more of:

I want to wear more:
Hats & Heels

Wishing you all the best for the new year!

Lara xx



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