A Wonder.Full Christmas Gift Guide


Hello guys! It’s finally my favorite time of the year, where everything is so festive and joyful. I really can’t explain the charm of Christmas time, but it’s definitely a time of the year that I always look forward to.

This time of the year also brings with it immense confusion on what to gift our loved ones. I recently came across a very interesting gifting concept, “Wonder.Full”, in Lebanon that you would definitely need to check out for this time of the year.

The idea of “Wonder.Full” is the following, instead of giving someone a tangible product, get an unforgettable experience, in a box! Wonder.Full gives you the opportunity to gift your loved ones experiences related to the fields that they are passionate about. It could be anything, a wind-surf instructor, your customized lingerie, a lovely walk on the wild side of Lebanon, a personal shopper just for you, a relaxing Hammam treat. Really anything!


You have 4 boxes to choose from:  Glamour, Gourmet, Adventure and Harmony. Inside, there’s a catalogue of wonder.full experiences waiting to happen. Here’s how it works, First, the lucky receiver opens the box and picks one activity from the catalogue of bewilderment. Then, he/she contacts the selected provider and books his/her favorite experience. Finally, he/she shows them the voucher and lives his/her wonder moment to the fullest. How awesome is that!

I really loved this new gifting concept, ultimately, the best things in life aren’t things 🙂

You can check out their website here

Stay tuned for more gift ideas for this holiday season!

Lara xx


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