Cozy Winter Home


If I was asked to choose a major other than Business – which I really love btw, I would have definitely chosen interior design!

I have a feeling that I’ve already mentioned many times on the blog that I really love everything related to interior design and home deco, but I don’t think I’ve ever published a post under this subject. I always find myself running to all home related stores even if I don’t need anything. I also find all the inspiration that I need on Pinterest and Tumblr for any potential deco project in the future (Yes, I already know what my home is going to look like)

Since it’s starting to feel like winter, I decided to feature on the blog some images to inspire you with everything related to home deco. Personally, I always make changes around the house to make it more cozy and winter-ish. Eventually, it is all about the little details that can really make a major transformation from summer to winter.

What do you need to shop for while doing this summer-winter transition:

  1. Blankets – many of them
  2. Candles (Holiday themed candles are the best!!!)
  3. Cushions
  4. Christmas themed items (mugs,cushions,blankets,rugs..)
  5. Cozy bedding
  6. Rugs

You don’t need to purchase items every year if you have the basics!

I usually head to a few places in Beirut to find all the items I need. My favorites are Zara Home, H&M Home, and West Elm. Sadly we don’t have Ikea in Lebanon or else you would have found me there on a daily basis, but for now I usually stick to the 3 places mentioned above












Lara xx


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