Cooking Experience at Popolo Beirut


I’ve always had a massive interest in the kitchen. My working hours don’t allow me to cook regularly, but I make sure I make use of this hobby at least during the weekend.

When I was contacted by the Popolo team to cook with chef Giuseppe Palumbo, who was in Beirut to consult the newly opened restaurant with their menu, I knew it was going to be really interesting. We had 2 dishes on the menu to cook and luckily both were easy to cook at home as well! I also had the chance to share this cooking session with the bloggers behind Popocorn 961 so it was nice to share interesting conversations about different regions in Italy while learning the basics from the award winning Italian chef.

After finishing our cooking session, we had the chance to eat what we have prepared along with some other dishes from their menu.

This was my second time in this restaurant, and every time the food just keeps on getting better. What I loved the most about this Italian restaurant in particular is that it’s not your regular Italian restaurant in Beirut. I really enjoyed the variety of dishes that you can find in the menu other than the traditional Pizza & Pasta. Being a seafood lover myself, I felt I was in my element!





I highly recommend you try this newly opened Italian restaurant in Ain El Mraysse

Lara xx


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