My Summer Bucket List

Hello beautiful people! Today I thought of sharing my summer bucket list that I am hoping to accomplish by the end of September. One of my best friends is coming from Canada this summer so it’s a great opportunity to accomplish all of the things I want with my group of friends. Here we go!

1) Go for a picnic by the river


I’ve seen many beautiful pictures online for Nahr-Ibrahim so it’s one of my must go to places. If you have suggestions for other rivers to check out please let me know 😀

2) Travel


My passion for travelling just keeps on growing and growing so I am hoping I could be able to travel this summer.

3) Go to Tawlet Ammiq


I’ve heard amazing things about this place in the Bekaa Valley, so I am looking forward to discover it!

4) Do More Water Activities

large (1)

I am also planning on doing more snorkeling, and maybe learn a new sport like surfing!

5) Learn How to do Smoothies

large (2)

With the really high temperatures approaching, I really want to master all the delicious smoothies that I keep on seeing on my Pinterest feed!

6) Go on  Road Trips

large (3)

There are many beautiful areas in my country that I am really curious to discover so a road trip can be a good way to do that!

7) Film Videos

large (4)

That’s not only on my summer bucket list, but also on my 2015 resolutions, and sadly I haven’t filmed any videos yet 😦 However, I am really willing to document things in video from now on. Fingers crossed!

8) Work on the Ultimate Summer Playlist

large (5)

9) Go Back to Working Out

large (6)

10) Go to a Winery


We have many in Lebanon and I want to discover more about wine making & tasting

What’s on your bucket list for this summer?

Lara xx


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