Achrafieh 2020: A Sunday To Remember


Hello everyone! Last Sunday I spent an exceptional Sunday so I thought to myself that I must write a blog post about it.

The weather was beautiful, sunny and warm, and Armenia Street in Mar Mikhael was closed as part of the Achrafieh 2020 event that has been happening for a few years now. The idea is to close Achrafieh and make it a car free area to reinvent Achrafieh as a livable, breathable, welcoming and friendly neighborhood.

I really enjoyed the beautiful and positive vibes. You can sense that everyone was happy, dancing, having drinks, eating, and just enjoying their sunny Sunday. You can even sense the dogs were happy haha!

I really loved the variety of stands ranging from clothing and accessories, to food and home accessories! I couldn’t help myself, I had to buy a few things which included a pack of flash tattoos that I am really excited to include them as part of my summer style!

I really wish every Sunday could be this beautiful! It was really the perfect way to start the (almost) Summer season 😀







Lara xx


3 thoughts on “Achrafieh 2020: A Sunday To Remember

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