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Hello everyone! I hope you all had a wonderful Easter vacation, as for me, I went on a fast trip with my family to Doha, Qatar and I will tell you all about it soon on the blog.

Today’s blog post is far away from fashion and lifestyle since I will be sharing some random fun facts about this blog to take you behind the scenes. I am guessing many bloggers can relate to this too, so here we go!

1) I started my blog on January 2013, it was actually December 31st right on NYE!

2) My blog was supposed to be named “Buns and Ribbons”, but I made a last minute change to “Lara Speaks Style”, and I am glad I made this change 😀

3) My blog started gaining recognition through the “Folllow Friday” or “Friday Follow” hashtag on Twitter. I still don’t know what #FF stands for haha!

4) The first person I ever met in this whole fashion industry world was Nour Toubia, designer behind Nicoletta Parodi bags.

5) The first event I ever got invited to was few days after my wisdom teeth surgery, so I went with a swollen creepy face haha!

6) I started my blog initially on Blogger

7) It took me approximately a year to start posting outfit photos on the blog. Back then, street style photos weren’t really a massive trend in Lebanon!

8) On the day I posted one of my all time favorite style posts on the blog,  the stats service decided to crash on WordPress! Just my luck lol!

9) My blog opened me to the world of international bloggers, and many of them inspire me on a daily basis.

10) My blog is the reason why I work in social media today

Have a great week!

Lara xx


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