Lush “Love Lettuce” Mask Review


Hello everyone and happy Easter! Since today I am off from work, I thought of writing a beauty review of this mask that I have been using for the month of March.

I’ve always heard wonderful things about Lush Cosmetics, but to be honest I never bought any product from this natural/handmade brand.

After diving into the YouTube world, I started getting introduced to several products each day and Lush masks always make the best buy lists, so I had to try myself. The sales lady at Lush advised me to get the “Love Lettuce” mask based on my skin type and so I started using it every other day just like she recommended. Here you have my review


– It’s natural which is awesome since you avoid using any chemicals on your face

– My face feels softer than before

– It actually exfoliates the skin too, so I felt it was getting cleaner as well

– Before I used the mask my face used to become oily by the afternoon, but this mask eliminated this oily skin problem


– Actually the only bad thing about this product is that it has aΒ very short shelf life. I have used this mask in the smallest size every other day, and it is still half full. I would hate to throw away half of my mask knowing that it’s a bit pricey. That is something to take into consideration if you are not willing to invest in a new face mask.




Have a great week everyone!

Lara xx


5 thoughts on “Lush “Love Lettuce” Mask Review

  1. Since the shelf life is really short, I like to get a Lush mask if I’m having some friends over. That way everyone can try it out (maybe even pitch in) and then you have a bit left to use on your own without having it go to waste. Also works for mother daughter pamper nights πŸ˜‰


  2. What I find works best with this mask is putting enough on to create a nice layer that’s not too thick or too thin, because then you really feel the effect of the mask. Pro tip: you can put it in the freezer to prolong its shelf life if you don’t want to keep putting it in the fridge. Also, you can use them up to 2-3 weeks after their so called expiry date, they still work perfectly and even the head Lush office said they don’t actually go bad after their expiration date. So technically you can use the face mask for 5-6 weeks πŸ™‚


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