February Favorites


February is almost over! My goal was to make monthly favorites on YouTube, but I guess it’s okay for now to have this month’s favorites on the blog, and hopefully starting next month you can see them on YouTube!

I really love watching or reading about monthly favorites. I learn about so many products, movies, books, makeup, and so many other things, and that’s why today I am sharing my favorites with you guys!

My February Favorites: 

1) Knits

This month was the month of “Sweater Weather”. I am so glad I got to pick up these sweaters, and some other ones on sale, because it was freezing cold and I needed to feel extra warm and fuzzy!

2) Nail polish

This month I have also tried the Maybelline nail polish that I am really loving so far! Not much of a color variation like other brands, but it’s affordable and it lasts well.

3) Sunglasses

One of my favorite fashion items for this month was my new Zara sunnies. They go perfectly well with all my clothes for both Winter and Summer which makes me a happy kid!


4) Tea

I am what you define as a “Tea Obsessed” person! I could literally spend hours in the tea section at the supermarket just gazing at tea brands and flavors (not that we have so many lol). I have tried this Green Tea Mixed Berries flavor from Lipton and I really love it!!


5) Makeup

Now with makeup, I had more favorites but I decided to keep them for other articles or videos just to test them better and make sure that I really really love them!

Labello Lip Butter: This by far is the best lip product I have ever tried. I don’t usually have chapped lips, but this lip butter keeps my lips super soft, it smells so good, and it’s super affordable!

Estee Lauder Double Wear Concealer: I was searching for a good concealer since I haven’t found the “it” concealer yet. I decided to give this brand a shot, and I am glad I did! I never ever had days and days of no makeup face, but this concealer is so good, it brightens up my eye area, and I feel like I don’t really need makeup!

-Garnier BB Cream: I have heard so many good things about this BB Cream so I decided to give it a try as well. It’s almost empty and I am definitely buying a new one! It has really good coverage and it looks so natural and soft + it’s also affordable (almost $10)

 – Maybelline Go Extreme Mascara: I have been wearing this mascara for a long time now (which shows how much it lasts) and I really love it! This drugstore brand certainly wins with mascara every time! I have received another Maybelline mascara as a gift so I have to try it, or else I would have certainly re-purchased this one! Excellent for everyday use.

6) Favorite TV Show:

I finished the best show of all time in January so I couldn’t not mention it in this post! Of course I am talking about Breaking Bad! Let me just tell you, that you would be doing yourself a favor if you watch it because you can’t just live without watching this series! It’s so intense, so brilliant, so addictive, and it truly deserves all the buzz! It’s prequel just started this month, “Better Call Saul”, so stay tuned for it might be on my favorites soon!

7) Favorite Song:

I obviously have so many songs to mention but I decided to choose only one song, Style by Taylor Swift, since its video clip was released this month!

8) Favorite Accessories


As if I needed one more item to confirm my obsession with Breaking Bad, here comes my “I am not in danger, I am the danger” earrings by Leonie Accessories, and this is one of the most famous quotes from the show! I also love this very simple gold and pearl bracelet that I got as a gift from my parents!

I hope you liked this months favorites, what are yours?

Lara xx


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