Handbags for Work

Hello everyone,today’s post might come in handy for all the ladies out there looking for the perfect handbag for work! Personally, when I search for a handbag for everyday use, I want something of great quality but still affordable. I also look for a handbag color that goes perfectly with almost anything I wear so that I won’t have to change bags everyday which could be a waste of time.

Today, I will be mentioning 6 handbags in all price ranges (some super affordable and some pricey) depending on the budget you have for your bag, so here I go:

1) Zara


This bag instantly reminded me on the Mansur Gavriel bags since they look the same haha! Yet, it looks super chic and the nude color goes with absolutely everything you wear, and the best part it’s big enough to fit all your things, even a laptop!

2) Charles & Keith


I love Charles & Keith bags! They have an excellent quality and beautiful designs especially for work! This bag comes in many bright colors and also black, but I chose this electric blue color because it also goes great with clothes, and because it’s good to shift from black and the basic colors every now and then. (This could be a great cheaper version of the Givenchy Antigona bag 🙂 )

3) Givenchy


This bag is on my must buy list, and I believe it’s staying on that list for a long time since it’s super expensive haha! If you have the budget to spend on a high end brand, I totally recommend this bag! It’s the perfect size to fit everything, and it is super chic!

4) Mansur Gavriel


If you are “Backpack Obsessed” like me, then this backpack is the one for you! It looks super chic and it’s also spacious. It comes in many bright colors as well, and the best part is that this brand is one of those affordable high end brands so it would be totally worth the splurge. (You can find a similar cheaper version at Zara)

5) Zara


This bag reminded me of the bags that men usually carry for business meetings. It has a beautiful structure that allows you to fit many things, you can carry it on your shoulders, and it’s affordable, so that’s a great combo! PS: it also comes in a super pretty brown color as well!

6) Celine


Yes, another must have bag on my list, and yes this one will have to wait too 😦 The Celine Trapeze bags have got to be one of my all time favorites! They are so chic and so spacious and so pretty, and I can go on and on! If you have the budget for it, this is another timeless classic that would do wonders to your outfit for every day!

Before I end this post I just wanted to give a tip for the petites ladies out there (just like me). While shopping for a handbag, make sure you don’t choose the over-sized ones, since they will make your body look shorter since they are too big for your figure. Always go for the medium sized bags that will make your body look great!

I hope you liked today’s post! Which one did you like the most?

Lara xx


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