Top 5: Ways to be Inspired


The word inspiration has become in the past few years a very important concept in my life. Inspiration is not only what bloggers seek, but what all businesses and individuals chase now a days.

I do believe that inspiration enhances your creativity and your quality of life in general, since it pushes you sometimes out of your comfort zone, and motivates you to chase your dreams and aspirations. Now please note the difference between inspiration and imitation, i do believe inspiration is when you feel that you are mentally driven to do something special and creative, it’s when you pour your soul into something. On the other hand, imitation is just a copy/paste process.

Yet, I do think that it’s a wide topic that deserves more depth and discussion (maybe in the future), but today I am giving you 5 ways to be inspired that are based on my personal experience.

1) Online

Nowadays blogs are becoming a major platform for inspiration, and I really hope you guys find any source of inspiration from my own blog! Other websites include Pinterest, YouTube, Tumblr, We Heart It, Instagram, and many many others. The images, quotes, and the words of other people all around the world can really be inspirational. I personally get mostly inspired online.

2) Books

Reading and being lost in the book you are reading can be a great source of inspiration. It might be in the characters, the setting, the era or the story itself! Not only does reading teach you  millions of things, it also opens your mind and soul to many sources of inspiration

3) Travel

I always make an effort to travel at least once a year, even if for 3 days! Travelling opens your eyes to so many new things and experiences, and it teaches you many things primarily about yourself!  The process of seeing a new place and new faces is a very good way to find inspiration and new ideas.

4) Meeting New People

If you feel you are seeing the same people over and over, try to stop that. Always talk to new people since you learn so much and discover so many things by meeting new people. Discussing new thoughts and ideas will bring fresh information and experiences to your life which is so important and enriching. It is not so complicated, talk to new people at the gym, work, class, or maybe your friend’s friends!

5) New Activities

I always write on this blog about the importance of doing new activities and going out of your routine. This was something I was really suffering from in the past, and I am gradually trying to always seek new places and new experiences. Change is really good when it comes to your activities, so try for example to always visit new villages in your country, try different restaurants, try different gym classes, and cook different food! This change can be an excellent way to be inspired & to inspire!

I hope you liked today’s post! I would love to know what are your sources of inspiration?

PS: This image was taken in Dubrovnik – Croatia (Summer 2014) 

Lara xx


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