My Personal Beauty Mistakes


Hello everyone!! I am so excited to write this beauty post because I really think the best part of blogging is sharing your personal experience aka mistakes, so that you can learn from me! I have always been a girly girl growing up, but I never paid attention to simple, yet very important details in my beauty routine. I have recently gone through a MAASSIVEE YouTube obsession, I literally watch YouTube videos all the time now which opened my eyes to the Oh so many makeup and beauty mistakes that I have been doing for the past years. I have started correcting those mistakes since mid 2014, and I am hoping to learn even more this year!

Without further ado, here you have my beauty mistakes!

1) Primer

Before jumping into the YouTube world, I didn’t even hear of the word primer haha! It’s a very important product to use before applying your foundation and the rest of your makeup to create a less oily look.

2) Eye Cream

Yes, even if you are not 40 years old, eye creams are super important to keep your under eye area moisturized since it’s a very sensitive area. Apply few dots of eye cream before applying your concealer.

3) Having a Morning/Night Routine 

In the past I used to just wash my face with water in the morning without using a cleanser & toner, and at night I removed my makeup and that’s it. Then I realized I wasn’t taking enough care of my skin especially that I have a combination skin that’s acne prone. I am still in my trial phase in terms of products so I will definitely be blogging about my Morning/Night routines when it’s the right time.

4) Concealer

Now don’t freak out, I obviously have a concealer haha, but I never chose the right one. I used to go to the drugstore and just pick any concealer I see (based on the saleswoman’s advice) without trying it on. Then I started a habit of actually trying on concealers and I started going for lighter shades to achieve a more “awake” look. So my advice, always try your concealer before buying it.

5) Face Masks

Face masks were never a part of my life, but when my aunt (who’s a beauty addict) moved to UAE, she gave me a set of masks that she has since we have the same type of skin, and I started realizing their importance. I always read that you must have a facial twice a week, but I am still doing it only once a week i’ll update you on that haha!

Announcement: I wanted to share with you that I am seriously thinking of starting my own YouTube channel, and I already mentioned that in my 2015 Resolutions post. I am so excited to start with this new journey so I would love to know what you think? 

I hope you found today’s post helpful

What are your beauty mistakes?

image via We Heart It 

Lara xx


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