The Launching of “Share a Coke Sawa”

20141218_234452 edited

Hello everyone! Last Thursday I was invited to one of the biggest events of the year to celebrate the launching of the new “Share a Coke Sawa (together)” campaign. The event was filled with a very friendly ambiance at Junkyard Beirut, we were entertained with a series of performances, small bites, and Coca Cola based drinks. We also had the chance to customize our own Cokes, but unfortunately due to massive requests, I didn’t receive my coke, but I already had one that they already sent with the invitation.

For this event I wore a basic Black & White look with a statement headpiece from Zara that I bought over a year ago, and my polka dot tights that I am a huge fan of this season. As part of the #DressUpDecember talk that I have been discussing this month, how about you go for a statement headpiece, bold lips, and funky tights with your skirts or dresses. They can easily add a pop of style in an effortless way without trying too hard with your outfit!


20141218_234259 edited


20141218_234358Have a great weekend everyone!

Lara xx


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