My Morning Routine With Beesline

beesline 3

A month ago I received a lovely product package from Beesline. I was so happy since I recently decided to take extra care of my skin through morning and night routines. What is so special about Beesline, the Lebanese brand, is that all its products are 100% natural, and based on Apitherapy (which is an alternative treatment based on bee products that are well known for  having moisturizing, soothing, regenerating, antiseptic, and antioxidant properties).

Before starting with my morning routine, it is very important for you guys to know that morning routines are very important to maintain a healthy skin, and it is preferable if you use natural products like Beesline to stay away from all harmful chemicals. You should also have your sunscreen by your side during all seasons to stay protected from the harmful UV rays!


I start by washing my face using this soap

beesline 1


After I apply my sunscreen, I apply this whitening cream that gets rid of the dark spots on my face, and gives me brighter more radiant look on my face since it unifies the skin color.

beesline 2


I apply the whitening eye cream that lightens and lifts the eye contour, reduces puffiness, and also moisturizes it before I apply my concealer.

beesline 5


After I apply my whitening eye cream, I wait for a few seconds and then apply this Beesline concealer. I have been actually using this concealer for a month now and I am loving its effect especially in terms of dark circles!



I have been using this Beesline lipbalm for years and years. I really love its effect and I usually apply it before I sleep and when I wake up as part of my morning routine to stay away from chapped lips, especially during winter time.

beesline 7


I never leave the house without moisturizing with this beesline cream,I also use it after I shower. It smells really good, and leaves your skin super soft!

beesline 8

beesline 9

I hope you enjoyed my morning routine! I can tell you one thing, having a morning routine really gave my skin a glow so you should start if you haven’t already!

Follow Beesline on their social links to stay updated on their news:

Thank you Tala and Mohammad from Beesline for all your help! 🙂

Lara xx


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