Tuesday Tips: University Senior Year Advice

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It’s almost Christmas time, this doesn’t only mean that it is time for holidays, it means that right after you’re back from your Christmas vacation, time will fly and you will be in your cap and gown! This is fact and take it from me, a recent university graduate!

I am only a fresh graduate, but I can give you many tips and advice from my personal experience, and from my friend’s experience because you really need to do things right and stay on the right track to ensure your whole senior years goes smoothly, so here I go:

1) Apply for Jobs Starting NOW:

This is one mistake I personally made. I thought that the best time to apply for a job is between April – May so that I directly graduate with a job. But that is not how things work, especially in the middle east. If you are aiming for a job in Lebanon or the gulf area, start sending your CV since it is a long process, and it will make your stay at home after graduation hopefully shorter.

2) Work Hard Till The End

Even if it’s senior year, make an effort to boost your grades (or keep them high) because your grades might be a deciding factor in the competitive job market, and you will also be needing them for your master’s.

3) Stay Active

I became really active in my senior year! Continue on joining clubs, or join clubs if you haven’t already. Take many photos and try making your year memorable and fun

4) Seek Advice

Always go for some advice from your professors! They know a lot about what to expect after graduation, best career paths, schools for best master’s programs, and much more! If you are torn and lost, they might be really helpful, so don’t hesitate to contact them. After all, your professors are here for you!

5) Master’s Options

You need to make a smart and thoughtful decision of whether you want to pursue your master’s right after graduation or work before that. Even if you are not planning to do your master’s now, keep your options open by asking around for best universities and best programs depending on your career path. You might also want to start familiarizing yourself with the tests that you need to do before your master’s like the GMAT or GRE.

Do you have any senior year advice to share?

Lara xx


2 thoughts on “Tuesday Tips: University Senior Year Advice

  1. So first, the person who told you that you need good grades to find a job or be recruited lied to you 🙂

    Most of the companies are recruiting now depending on the experience,specially that now in this new market diploma lost a lot of value everywhere specially after the crisis.

    To get a job in Lebanon or anywhere else you need to know 2 things :

    – 1st you need to have a good network ( Starting from the university ) if you don’t know someone or don’t know to networking… You are in big trouble ( It’s not wasta… That’s 2 different things)

    – 2nd You need to have a good or a previous experience… no one will take you ( Most of the companies ) if you have 0 experience 🙂


    • I definitely agree with you! I have already discussed the importance of internships and previous experiences, and networking on the blog. I was trying to make a point of not neglecting your studies because many companies require entrance exams before the actual interview, and I personally know people who were asked for their grades (although I wasn’t).
      Thank you for your input, again I do agree with your points 🙂


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