Holiday Sparkle: Night Out Clutches

I love this time of the year! Between Christmas, New-year, and all the fun that comes with it, I become really inspired in all aspects! This time of the year also involves many parties and night outs which brings me to today’s post. You might be needing to go on a shopping trip soon so buy the perfect holiday outfits which will also include clutches, that’s why today I gathered a few of my favorite brands in all budgets to make your shopping easier and more efficient!

1) Ashlyn’d Clutches


Ever since I spotted this brand on Instagram, I instantly fell in love with this unique brand!

2) Edie Parker

BGV1UDQ_mx c

This is also another brand with beautiful and really unique designs. Wearing this clutch is a statement on its own and it would definitely add a beautiful touch to your overall look

3) Zara

8125304202_1_1_1 c

I found this clutch a while ago at Zara and I couldn’t help but see it as a cheaper version of the Edie Parker designs. So if you are looking for something beautiful and affordable this clutch is the one!

4) Nicoletta Parodi


I have already mentioned this Lebanese based brand on the blog before. It’s founded by the lovely Nour Toubia, and she’s the designer of beautiful clutches that are very suitable for holidays and special occasions. You can shop the collection on

5) C by Cynthia

1381379_10152891591101241_767000703242158767_n c

This brand is also based in Lebanon. I haven’t met the designer in person yet, but I really love her simple and elegant pieces, and this clutch is perfect for a statement outfit during winter and summer! You can also shop this brand on

I hope you liked my selection of clutches for this holiday season!

Lara xx


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