Sunday in Green


Sundays mean a lot to me, I always want to make sure that I spent my Sunday in the best way possible whether with family or friends. This Sunday I went to Rikky’z Faraya with a group of friends and it was my first time there. I went for an almost total black look with my mirrored sunnies and my bold lips to make a statement, and to my surprise I found a hat (part of the Rikky’z tradition) that has the same exact color as my sunnies so the effect was beautiful.

It was a calm Sunday noon, nothing like I expected from what I have heard about this place. I had some grilled chicken with different types of salads, fries, and finally cake for dessert. The food was delicious although I was hoping for more variety in the buffet (like shrimps, more appetizers, potato wedges as an example) considering the amount of money we paid! The best part of the day was certainly sunset, the scenery was beautiful and it started getting really chilly and beautiful!

Would I go to Rikky’z again? Maybe, but probably during the summer or snow to see what’s the fuss all about haha




collage green


I was wearing:

Top + Skirt: Forever 21

Blazer: Zara (old)

Sunnies: Pieces (old)

How do you like to spend your Sundays?

Lara xx


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