What Changes in Your 20s


I always stumble upon these articles that discuss how a lady changes in her 20s, or why your 20s are the best years of your life. I will be turning 22 in March, so I haven’t lived my 20s to the fullest yet, but I thought of sharing how I changed in my last couple of years because you DO really change!

Sometimes life gets really hard, and you get faced with sudden situations that force you to cope with life differently, but today I won’t be discussing this side of life, but I will be discussing some general changes that occur with almost all ladies as they hit their 20s so here I go with my list!

1) I have always been a healthy eater, but  in the last few years I have showed more interest in a healthy eating lifestyle

2) This year in particular I started taking extra care of my skin which means a day & night routine

3) Gym became part of my lifestyle

4) I started showing more interest and taking more risks when it comes to fashion, hair, and makeup

5) I have always loved travelling but in the last 2 years, travelling became my #1 passion

6) Inspiration became a big part of my life, while in the past this word didn’t really exist in my dictionary haha

7) I started working on my dreams and planning for the future

8) I always feel the need to try new things and going to new places

9) I started having more “me” time

10) In the past I used to make an effort to be super close with everyone, but now I am totally fine with the idea of having a small group of best friends.

11) I gained a massive interest in home deco

12) I started reading more books, blogs, articles, websites, etc..

13) I started appreciating the good old music

14) I never leave the house without sunscreen

15) My family days became sacred and very special

So here you had the few changes that I’ve experienced in the last couple of years, and I am hoping to discover and learn more as I grow!

Let me know if we have anything in common, would love to know how your 20s changed you!

Lara xx


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