Happiness is Simple

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I truly believe that we link our happiness to the most absurd and materialistic tools most of the time. We think that having a lavish wedding, birthday party, baby shower, graduation party, etc will result in the best birthday ever or the best wedding ever. But the truth is, in my 21 years of life, my best memories were the least planned and the most unexpected, and guess what, most of those memories were priceless because happiness shouldn’t have a price tag, and I think most of you agree with me. I always realize that the best things in life might seem small and insignificant, but actually their impact is huge and might be life changing. I once read a quote that says: “The best things in life aren’t things” and I couldn’t agree more! People should learn that the best moments and memories should not always be followed by something pricey and luxurious because what is more valuable than any price tag is not actually seen, it is felt. I am not against spending big at a certain point in life, I do that sometimes, but I just hate seeing people around me basing all their lives on the idea that in order to have fun I should be in a reputable place that is “in and cool” and I should spend big because that is the only way to have fun. Yet, I am very happy to be surrounded by a small group of friends who share this same belief, that happiness is simple and not materialistic. When I was in the 10th grade, I had a ritual called “Crazy Day” with two of my dearest friends. We used to roam around Beirut every Friday night doing absolutely nothing! We laughed till we cried, and the best part is that they were always so random. This is just one simple memory in my life, but this memory makes my genuinely happy! Nowadays, I still plan random stuff with my loved ones and I still make beautiful priceless memories, and that’s because I am blessed with a group of friends and family who share this belief, and they always open my eyes to the idea of simplicity in beauty and also the idea of appreciation! I think it’s a good thing to start appreciating all the hidden beauty and blessings in life, which most of the times are free and surround us, but maybe we weren’t looking so close, and that’s why we call it beauty anyway, because it is not so accessible and easy to see!

I will end this post by sharing some of the things that make me happy! (Do they make you happy as well?)

– Waking up on a Sunday rainy morning

– Passing a test unexpectedly haha

– Seeing a loved one smile

– Success after hard work

– Taking off my heels after a long day

– Getting over a fear (This summer I tried a luna park ride that I considered very scary, and this made me really happy)

– Nostalgia always keeps me smiling! (Listening to old songs, or seeing some old Facebook posts..)

– Dogs always make me happy, even seeing a dog’s picture can really change my mood to the better

– Walking on sand

– Good surprises

– Blogging

– Admiring beautiful nature ( next time you’re in a car, stop texting and admire what’s around you, it can really change your perspective on many things)

– Listening to my favorite song on the radio

– Unexpectedly finding one of my favorite movies on TV

– Arriving home to my favorite dish

– Finishing a good book

– Making someone laugh

– Feeling the airplane wheels touch the ground is easily one of my favorite sensations in life, it means it’s officially time for a new adventure

So here was my opinion about happiness in life, and I hope you enjoyed seeing some of the things that make me happy! Do we have anything in common?

I will be blogging more about the topic, so stay tuned!

Lara xx


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