My Office Beauty Kit

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Hello everyone! There’s no doubt that office beauty kits are very important for any lady since you will be needing them a lot & they will come in handy in case of emergency. Each one of us might have different items in her kit, but there are some general useful stuff that every lady must have, and that’s why today I am sharing my personal office kit!

1) Hand Lotion

Keeping your hands moisturized is very important since the high air conditioning in your office might cause some skin dryness so keep a moisturizer in your office and trust me you will use it!

2) Lip Balm + Lip Stick

Lip Balms just like hand lotions are very important to stay away from chapped lips in the winter and also when you have high air conditioning. I usually use Beesline the most, this lip balm has been my companion for years, and I also use my Baby Lips Maybelline lip balm for an added color when I feel like it. You might also need some lip stick (I prefer nude or light shades) in case of emergency meetings with staff & clients or to fix your makeup.

3) Tissues + Sanitizer

Also must haves at the office to stay clean and germs free. I use this sanitizer shown in the photo by Bath and Body Works since it smells insanely good on my hands, and it doesn’t dry up my hands after I use it.

4) Gum

It is always a good idea to keep gum or mints in your office, you will use them before meetings or after lunch to keep a fresh breath.

5) Bobby Pins & Hair Tie

Bobby Pins are my best friends when I am having a bad hair day, or when I need to fix my ponytail or bun after a long day. A hair tie can also be very useful, I always tie my hair away from my face when I feel tired or a bit hot during summer.

6) Snacks

I don’t have snacks in my photos but I always have healthy crackers or my Fitness whole grain cereal in my drawer to avoid a rumbling stomach which could be very embarrassing! Sometimes I don’t feel like I am starving, but I feel like having a small snack between breakfast and lunch and that’s why having snacks or fruits is important

7) A Scarf

Sometimes I really freeze at the office and my supervisor would prefer if we keep the AC on, so to avoid any problems I always make sure I get a jacket or a scarf with me to the office to feel a bit warmer, and my supervisor actually does the same thing and I find this a very effective way to avoid workplace conflicts in general

8) Charger & USB

I hate it when my phone’s battery is dead so that’s why I always make sure I have a charger at work because you never know what happens and I prefer having my phone functioning normally at all times. I am also often asked if I have a usb to transfer documents at work and my personal life and that’s why I always make sure to carry one in my bag

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20141025_133510 new msn

20141025_134052 new ksk

I hope you found this post useful! What’s your must have office item?

Lara xx


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