Why Fridays Are Great


Friday has always been a favorite for millions of people (unless you have school or work on Saturdays!). When it comes to me, I love Fridays, sometimes even more than Saturdays haha. I get this feeling of relief after a hectic week at work, and I get excited for the coming plans for the weekend.

Here’s my list on why Fridays are great:

1) You get a sudden boost of energy for the weekend

2) When I was in school & university I never ever studied on Fridays!

3) You can catch up with friends and loved ones after busy days at work ( and overtimes!)

4) Movies always seem like a great idea on Fridays

5) You can stay up late without feeling guilty or annoyed the second day

6) If you stay home you can catch up on some reading or series which is something you can hardly do when you have work and studies

7) For many, Fridays are cheat days!

8) Pizza/board games night with friends are the best on Fridays

9) You can pamper yourself in the afternoon at the nail/hair salon for a glam weekend look!

10) Lets face it, Fridays have songs and quotes too!

Which of the above is your favorite thing about Friday? Share and let me know 🙂

Lara xx

image via We Heart It 

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