Tuesday Tips: Gym Etiquette

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Yesterday while I was waiting for my gym class to start, I noticed a banner that had a few rules that all gym members must follow so I thought it would be a good idea to discuss gym etiquette with you guys! A gym is like any other place you go to, there are certain ways of behavior that should also be applied and followed at the gym to ensure a smooth training.

1) Be on Time
If you are a few minutes late to a class it’s no big deal, but arriving to class late is not acceptable for many reasons. First, it might be dangerous since you would have skipped the first few minutes of warm-up, and second it might distract the whole class and you would be bothering the trainer and the attendees.

2) Fashion Wise

Try looking as descent as possible with your clothing. Avoid showing too much skin or wearing too much jewelry since they might fall off while you are training without you noticing. Wear very simple makeup and always choose something comfortable for training.

3) Respect Turns

When it’s gym “rush-hour” you might have to wait in line to use the machines. Respect your turn and don’t cut the line just to finish faster. When you respect your turn you will be respected and loved among the gym members and that’s a good way to make friends and the opposite is true!

4) Use your Towels

Just as the title says, you must use your towels while you are using the machines and in your classes. Keeping clean machines and yoga mats is for your own benefit

5) Class Rules

You should always abide by the class rules, and just as I started off my post, being on time is certainly one of them. When you are done with the class, always return your mats and your weights. Some classes require taking off your shoes so you should respect that as well. You should also refrain from texting and using your phone while working out because you entered the class to train and not to text and waste time.

I hope you found today’s post useful! Do you have a favorite class at the gym?

Lara xx


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