My Pink Wishlist

Hello everyone! October is not only the spooky month of Halloween, it is also breast cancer awareness month which is one of the most important issues in the world.

Years ago, breast cancer wasn’t highlighted on social media and in our societies in general, but spreading awareness through social media nowadays has become crucial since it is very important to let all the ladies know the importance of being checked especially  if you have breast cancer in the family history.

After I watched Giuliana Rancic batteling breast cancer on her reality tv show, I understood the importance of early detection since we have treatements. Giuliana was able to beat cancer and her early detection played a huge role in her healing process and that’s why all doctors stress the importance of regular checkups as well as maintaning a healthy lifestyle in being active and eating healthy.

Below you will find 5 items on my wishlist inspired by Pinktober!

1) Back in the Limo by Essie


2) Nike Running Shoes


3) Baby Pink coat from Bershka


4) Valentino Studded Flats or Heels


5) Hot Pink Lipstick



What do you know about Breast Cancer? Share your knowledge and let us know 🙂

Lara xx



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