Easy Halloween Inspired Snacks

Hello everyone! October is usually the month of Halloween, and at that time of the year my Pinterest feed would be full of Halloween inspired food and costumes. I can’t deny that I get so much inspiration and ideas from Pinterest, and that’s why today’s post will feature easy and simple snacks if you are throwing a party or a get together.

1) Burgers


Burgers or mini burgers are must haves at any party or gathering and in this case to keep the Halloween vibes, how about you cut the cheese in that spooky way just as shown in the picture, without covering the burgers with a bun

2) Clementine & Bananas


This fruity snack is certainly an eye catcher at any party! Clementine would look like the perfect pumpkins if you peel them. You can add green pipe cleaners ( just like I read on Pinterest) or to make the entire thing edible, how about you add green  sugar candy that you can find at any candy store. You can add chocolate chip on the bananas as seen in the picture to complete the ghosty look!

3) Brownies + Marshmallows


Dessert is also another must have in any get together, and how cute is that dessert! All you need is brownies, marshmallows and decorating gel. You can find the whole recipe on Betty Crocker’s website under Spooky Boo Brownies

4) Spider Chocolate Chip Cookies


Another super attractive Halloween inspired dessert that is very simple to do. You can find the recipe on this blog http://iambaker.net/spider-chocolate-chip-cookies/ (sorry for the improper linking but I am having some trouble with links on wordpress)

5) Graveyard Taco Dip


I have a feeling that this snack could be an instant hit since it screams Halloween! You can also find the whole recipe on this blog http://blog.chickabug.com/2013/09/graveyard-taco-dip.html

I hope you liked this post as a preparation for Halloween and don’t forget to follow me on Pinterest (@laraajouz)

Lara xx


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