Five Pants Every Lady Must Own!

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Hello everyone! Today’s post is beneficial and straight to the point since I will be listing 5 pants that every lady should own in her closet. I have already discussed styling those pants in many different posts but below you will see a combined version that might help you get organized while shopping!

1) Jeans

No one can live without any type of jeans in his/her closet! However make sure not to stick to one type of jeans like boyfriend jeans or skinny jeans. Make sure you have a variety since you will  need them for many different occasions

2) Colored Pants

Colored pants can be a nice addition to your closet. For this season you can buy colors such as red, navy, purple, and mustard! As you can see in the picture, colored pants add life to your overall look and they are suitable for many occasions

3) Printed Pants

Prints are also another way to add a pop of style to your wardrobe and they are suitable for both summer and winter and for many occasions

4) Formal Pants

Even if your work doesn’t require formal attire, make sure you own formal pants since you will certainly need them at a certain point in your life for job interviews, important meetings, and many other occasions

5) Leggings

Leggings are my personal favorites for the winter season with oversized shirts and biker boots. You can shop for faux leather leggings or the regular ones for a beautiful cozy winter look with boots or stilettos.

Which pants do you wear the most?

Lara xx


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