Top 5: Designer Wallets on a Budget

Happy Friday everyone! Fall  usually calls for a change of wardrobe and buying new items for this season; and for many of you, it might be time to change your wallets.

Wallets are very tricky because people don’t usually change their wallets regularly, and a wallet is usually used on daily basis to carry all your money and cards, so it is very important to carry a wallet with very good quality. I was on a search for the perfect designer wallet last summer, but I found myself looking at wallets that were ridiculously over-priced, and I wasn’t really willing to pay $1000 for a wallet. I finally found the perfect wallet of great quality during my visit to Dubai at Ted Baker. It was fairly priced at approximately $150 so I bought it. However, there are a few other brands that sell wallets at an affordable price (considering the quality) and I will name a few in this post!

1) Ted Baker

As I mentioned before, I got my wallet from Ted Baker. They have beautiful and simple designs, but be careful from the wallets with light colors since they tend to show that they are dirty after a while


2) Kate Spade

Sadly, we don’t have a Kate Spade store (not that I know of) where I live in Lebanon, but we can still shop online. I really love the Kate Spade designs and the wallets online are priced between $100 and $200


3) Michael Kors

Micheal Kors bags and wallets are known for their nice designs, good quality for daily use, and the fair prices in comparison to other designers. In my country Lebanon, Micheal Kors wallets might be priced a bit higher than other countries, but they are still under  fair prices and not overly expensive. If you know anyone who lives in the US, you can ask them to buy whatever you want from MK since it is cheaper than Lebanon


4) Furla

Furla is another brand with nice designs, good quality, and affordable prices. The prices on the Furla website range between £80 to £180 with a variety of designs and colors.


5) DKNY:

This brand also offers beautiful designs at a fair price.DKNY is of course cheaper in other countries, but if you catch DKNY on sale you can actually find very affordable wallets, and their discounts can reach up to 70%

img-thing (1)

If you don’t really care about the quality or the brand name, you can always find cute wallets at places such as MANGO, Accessorize, Forever 21, or Parfois. All my teenage years I kept on using wallets from such places and they were perfectly fine!

Hope you found this post useful!

Lara xx


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