Tuesday Tips: Surviving the Seasonal Transition


Hello everyone! I have been reading lately many depressing comments and tweets related to how summer, and all the fun that comes with, are over. It is true that summer is a favorite among millions of people, but I have trained myself to not have a favorite season, and to always enjoy the unique things that each season has to offer. Many of you guys are now back to school or university, or maybe back from a nice vacation to your workplace. Below are a few steps that I actually follow that can make you look forward to the new season:

1) Read a New Book

Reading a new book can actually give you something to look forward to and that could be a good motivation to fight your “end of summer depression”

2) Pinterest

Pinterest is one of my favorite places to be inspired. Searching for fall/winter inspiration in clothing, makeup, decor, food, or anything that interests you can actually excite you for the new season. Works with me every year! (you can follow me @ laraajouz)

3) Home Deco

Doing some home changes can also excite you for the new season. Add up some pillows,candles, or blankets to make your home look more cozy.

4) Shopping

Go for makeup or clothing shopping for the fall/winter season. It is well known that shopping is a good therapy, and in this case, hunting the latest trends for the season can make you look forward to wear your new items.

5) Recipes

If you love to cook ( or would love to strengthen your cooking skills) how about you look up some recipes that are perfect for the cold like soups or desserts. This would be a fun activity that could improve your skills at the same time.

Tip on the Side: Don’t let this seasonal transition make you feel like all the fun is over. Enjoy the special things that winter has to offer like skiing or the holidays. Try creating new fun stuff that you could enjoy with your friends and family like a home game night, or a girls night in, or watching  new series!

Are you willing to try my tips?

Lara xx


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