Montenegro Travel Diary


As fall approaches, I look back to my week spent in Europe and remember my best days of this summer season! After my 3 days in Croatia, we headed to Budva which is approximately a 3 hours drive from Dubrovnik. We stayed in Budva-Montenegro, but we had the chance to visit many other beautiful areas around Montenegro. Budva is certainly more crowded than Dubrovnik; you can easily notice the Russian domination over there haha! Montenegro in general has beautiful nature, and the people there are very similar to the Lebanese people after our guide mentioned that people in Montenegro often break rules and they spend more than they earn lol!

What did I do in Montenegro?

– Visited Budva’s Old Town which is smaller than the one in Dubrovnik, but it is also beautiful!

– Went to Kotor which is another region few hours away from Budva. We spent most of our time in the beautiful Old Town of Kotor where it started raining. It really felt good walking around a new place in my flip-flops with rain, I felt so careless like nothing else mattered!

– Visited also another region called Cetinje (pronounced cetinye) which is the old royal capital of Montenegro. We had the chance to visit the palace of Prince Nicholas; let me tell you it is nothing compared to the palaces I saw in Instanbul in terms of luxury and sophistication haha, the palace in Cetinje is simpler!

– Went to the breathtaking Skadar Lake. What is interesting about this lake, other than the fact that you feel you are inside a painting, is that 2/3 is in Montenegro and 1/3 is in Albania so we also had the chance to visit Albania in some way haha! The boat trip through Skadar Lake took a few hours, but they were few hours of pure serenity and beauty.

– Tasted delicious sea food and enjoyed beautiful music!

Interesting note: If you ever visit Montenegro, you will notice a small island in the middle of the sea which is called Sveti Stephan. This island is actually a resort and a popular destination for many international stars like Madonna since 1 night in this resort can cost from 1000 to 3000 Euros. Our tour guide also mentioned that this Island is no longer owned by Montenegro, and if people want to go there just to walk around or swim, they need to make reservations! (You will see a picture for this island, the last photo)














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