Top 5: Healthy Office Snacks


 Let’s face it, office snacking is probably the reason why we are gaining a few pounds here and there! After reading about healthy office snacking, and trying some myself, I decided to pile up my top 5 for you to give them a try!

1) Fruits

Yes fruits, we all know that fruits are one of the healthiest snacks that we could have at the office. They are tasty and full of Vitamins, so try having different types of fruits every day for a balanced intake of Vitamins

2) Cucumber + Feta Bites

I have tried this snack myself and I can tell you it is very easy to make and it’s very healthy and delicious. You can also try adding Walnuts or maybe tomatoes!

3) Hummus

If you are from Lebanon, you probably know that we live in the country of Hummus, and if not, Hummus is becoming more accessible around the world. Hummus is very tasty and very healthy so it could be a healthy lunch alternative! 



4) Homemade Salad

Instead of ordering fast food how about you prepare a fast healthy salad as a snack or for lunch. There are many types of salads so you can always try having something new to break the routine. Watch out from fatty dressings, my personal favorite healthy dressing is Balsamic Vinegar! 

5) Whole Grain Cereal

You can have whole grain cereal with dried fruits or fresh fruits like raspberries and blueberries. It’s a great option if you are craving something sweet and it is very healthy since this snack contains many Vitamins 


I hope you found these tips healthy! What are your favorite office snacks? 

Lara xx 


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