Summer/Fall Transition



Happy Monday everyone! This month, and probably the one after are what I call the months of transition from summer to fall/winter. What I love the most about this time of the year is that by the time it’s September, I am usually sick of summer and so ready to kick off a new season with a change of wardrobe, beauty routines, and generally my lifestyle.

Usually when September arrives, I like to sort out my clothes and see what I need to buy, and what are the latest trends that I need to go shopping for. In the beauty department, I usually sort out my lipsticks and buy the darker shades or anything missing.

I always love seeing what the colder season is hiding for us, I get excited for hot chocolate and nights under my blankets watching movies or writing a blog post. I also get excited for the holiday season, and for planning out new stuff with my friends far away from the beach and the sand!

Of course, I haven’t finished sorting out my Fall/Winter essentials, but I managed to add some new stuff that I will be sharing with you in this post.

1) I go for darker lipstick colors, like the one I recently bought in my picture. It is Seventeen number 31 which is also SPF 15, and I can tell you the color is beautiful and it lasts even after you eat and drink, and it’s very affordable

2) I won’t give up on my Vaseline coconut cream and my Coconut Eau De Toilette from The Body Shop! They will remain with me even in the winter season

3) I go for darker nail polish colors; here I had Royal Blue by Dali Cosmetics

4) I choose heavier perfumes and here with my all time favorite Versace Crystal Noir







What are your essential items for this season?

Lara xx



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