Croatia Diary


Hello everyone! I’ve been wanting to write this post since a very long time, and now I am finally working on my Croatia travel post. In July, my family and I traveled on our yearly family trip to what I call a little lost piece of heaven, Dubrovnik Croatia. We couldn’t believe our eyes on all the beauty and simplicity that was surrounding us, and we couldn’t stop taking photos and counting our blessings for having a chance to see such a beautiful place!

Dubrovnik is a beautiful beachy popular destination that is often visited by Europeans to experience exceptional sailing, swimming, snorkeling, fishing, and generally touring around. For all of you Game of Thrones addicts (myself included), King’s Landing was actually filmed in a castle in Dubrovnik, so you can’t imagine how ecstatic I was when I saw it!

What did I do in Dubrovnik Croatia?

– Walked around the beautiful street that they call Promenade, it’s right on the beach and it’s one of the best spots to catch breathtaking sunsets, have delicious lunch/dinner/drinks, listening to music, and go for refreshing swims.

– Went to Old Town Dubrovnik which is certainly one of the most beautiful places I have ever seen. It’s so authentic, you can see King’s Landing castle that I mentioned before, you can also see the whole town of Dubrovnik which is beyond beautiful. What is remarkable about Old Town and Dubrovnik in general are the tiny and long stairs, and the very small/narrow streets!

– Visited the 3 most popular Islands of Dubrovnik: Kolocep, Sipan, and Lopud. Extraordinary is the least that I could say! We went on a cruise on a boat that looked exactly like the ones from Pirates of the Caribbean, beautiful!

– Enjoyed relaxing evening walks and morning dips in the sea

– Tasted delicious sea food

I really can’t wait to visit new places in Croatia, a breathtaking place with so much beauty and simplicity!












 I also went to Budva, Montenegro after my trip to Croatia, so stay tuned to a special post about my trip to Montenegro soon on the blog!

Lara xx


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