20 Facts About Me


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Hello everyone! I’ve been recently tagged by the lovely Maya, blogger behind “playingwithfashion.com”,  to do this 20 Facts About Me posts, and since I am new to wordpress I thought it would be a new post to kick off this month, so here I go:

1) Vanilla/Coconut are my all time favorite scents

2) I am a dog person

3) I watch cooking shows all the time but I rarely implement anything haha

4) I am obsessed with Home Deco

5) That being said, IKEA is my Disneyland

6) I have a crippling fear of roller coasters

7) I love listening to Classical music

8) I also love listening to House/Progressive/Electronic music

9) I always sing when I am driving, or when I am in the passenger seat

10) I wish to make Europe my home one day

11) I hate cheesecake

12) Traveling is my #1 passion in life

13) My brother is my motivation and inspiration in this life

14) I absolutely hate being around naggers and pessimistic people

15) I dream of having my own business one day

16) Sometimes I really miss school

17) I have a minor in Psychology

18) I make Game of Thrones jokes all the time although 95% of my friends don’t even watch it haha

19) Photography is one of my hidden passions

20) I started having summer jobs when I was in grade 11 and haven’t stopped ever since

I hope you liked those random 20 Facts about me! Do we have anything in common?


Lara xx






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