Welcome to the New Blog

Hello everyone, and welcome to the new Lara Speaks Style! After the last post I blogged, you might have figured out that I wanted to change the identity of my blog from a fashion blog, to a lifestyle blog. This change is certainly implemented in this new blog, but after giving it so much thought, and listening to your advice, I figured it would be unfair to throw away the name of my blog after working so hard on it.

I have also decided to change from Blogger to WordPress since it is more professional, and easier for me to categorize my posts! On the new Lara Speaks Style I will be blogging about Travels, Style, Food, Beauty, and my random thoughts about things happening around us, so it won’t be strictly covering fashion news. I want this new blog to be like my personal diary where I share my thoughts, inspiration, and things that are bothering me or making me happy, it won’t be solely focused on new trends and red carpet fashion!

You will certainly see some improvements in the coming days in terms of layout, but I couldn’t wait to start blogging again, I really miss it, and I have so much to blog about trust me!

I hope you like the new blog as much as I do, and I can’t wait to continue my blogging journey on this new website.

Not everything has changed; you will still see Tuesday Tips posts, and my monthly inspiration posts!


What do you think of the new blog?

Lara xx


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