I Graduated!

photo taken from LAU’s website

Hello everyone! I know I have been a very bad blogger lately with my lack of posts for almost 10 days. I have been very busy lately, and I hate to blog just for the sake of blogging without pouring my heart into every word I say.
I consider myself lucky to have a platform where I can share to the world all my thoughts and my inspiration and that’s why I am sharing this post today.
Last Saturday marked a new milestone, it was my university graduation ceremony! I wish I had enough words to describe all the feelings and emotions that accompanied me throughout this day, but I can say that it felt so good to be graduating with my friends with honors after 3 tiring years. Many people helped me throughout those 3 years, and some were there to help even after I finished my last final, you all know yourselves and I thank you from all my heart!
As this chapter of my life ended, I gained some new perspectives on life, I became somewhat fearless craving adventure and excitement more than ever before. My goal now is to discover new emotions, new people, new counties, and find more inspirations and passions. Many people are asking me if I am thinking of pursuing my masters degree now but actually I would love to test out the market out there and find a field that I am passionate about that might help me in choosing a masters pathway to eventually build a career on that. I might even choose to relocate to a different country, nothing is known at that point and I am perfectly happy with that! I would like to end this post with a short advice: Make the best out of your university years,  and on the way try to always meet new people and stop nagging, you will eventually discover that they were the best years of your life!
Congratulations class of 2014, we made it!

Lara xx


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