My Top 4 Vacation Styles

Hello everyone! As the summer starts getting hotter, it means it’s time for a vacation for many of us. I will be going on a vacation soon, so will many of you, and that’s why I decided to list my top 4 vacation styles that will help you look flawless and feel very comfortable while playing tourist.
Vacation style means so many colors, patterns, and something very effortless and not sophisticated.
Accessories are a must, and by that I mean your hats, headbands, sunglasses, and some arm candy!
Below I will list my top 4 vacation styles:

1) Patterns
Finding outfits with patters is a must have for your vacation and for this season in general. Patterns will add a beautiful effect to your look

2) Lace
Undoubtedly, lace is one of my favorite trends of all time! Combine your lace shorts, or your lace dress with a hat and the result will be spectacular!

3) Bold Colors
Bold color outfits can be a statement on their own while on vacation especially if your are tanned!

4) Florals
Floral patterns are my 4th and final pick for my top vacation styles. Florals give your look a very fresh and colorful feel and that’s why they have been trending for a while now


What is your favorite vacation style?

Lara xx


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