Picnic Style with GS Stores

Hello everyone! If I could choose a favorite style for summer, it would definitely look like this. My hat, my shorts, or dress or anything breezy, and my sunglasses. For me, summer is all about the effortless colorful chic looks that are not too sophisticated. When I spotted this denim overall from Springfield at GS Stores, I knew I had to style it for a perfect Sunday picnic look.
A few weeks ago, I announced on the blog my collaboration with GS Stores, and every now and then you will be seeing different looks that are suitable for different occasions, and today you have my favorite picnic/BBQ look.
I have already blogged about denim overalls here, and now you are seeing my personal take on this trend and I hope it inspires you for this summer!

I was wearing:
Denim Overall: Springfield (available at GS Stores)
Shoes: Bronx (available at GS Stores)
T-shirt: Zara (S/S 14)
Hat: H&M (S/S 14)
Have a wonderful weekend everyone!
Lara xx 

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