Healthy Travelling with Diet Center

Hello everyone! Remember when I announced the collaboration between Lara Speaks Style and Diet Center here, well today I am starting with the first set of tips and tricks that for sure will come in handy especially for the coming few months.
Summer is usually the time for travelling which directly means more eating, that’s why today Diet Center will be offering a few tips to avoid the few extra pounds while travelling, and to generally maintain a healthy lifestyle.

On the Plane:
– Avoid alcohol and caffeine since they tend to dehydrate your body
– Drink plenty of water before, after, and during the flight
– Take healthy snacks with you on the plane such as dried fruits or cereal bars
– Try to avoid as much as you can the salted nuts that are offered on the plane since they cause water retention.

When going out:
– Never skip breakfast at the hotel, and go for healthy options just as cornflakes + milk + orange juice or scrambled eggs + veggies + bread + fruit)

– Always carry a water bottle with you wherever you go since you will be touring around for long hours so you need to keep your body hydrated and energized.

– Carry small healthy snacks to eat between meals
– Choose restaurants and cafes for your meals instead of fast food places

Every post we will have a different category or topic to cover, today it was about travelling, stay tuned to discover what Diet Center has to offer next

Lara xx


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